14 Best Ear Training Apps For Musicians 2023

It is important to have good ears when you are a musician or working in the music industry. If you want good ears, you must train your ears for quite some time. Training ears has never been easier with ear training apps. For these reasons, many people worldwide search for the best ear training apps. This app is ideal for music and sound professionals and engineers. You can choose from a list of fifteen top ear training apps compiled by DroidPile based on their efficiency and value for money. You can train your ears with many apps.

A few of the best are listed below. Check out the list.

Best Ear Training Apps: Our Top Pick

Here’s our first pick on our list of ear training apps:


You can also train your ears with Quiztones. Using quiztones for ear training can help you develop your ear.

Using Quiztones, you will be able to train your ears more effectively and in less time by completing the program in under 12 days. You can identify boosts and cuts easier with quiztones during training. The Quiztones app can teach you how to listen.

Quiztones will substantially improve the quality of your recordings. Music, audio, and engineering professionals will find the Quiztone app particularly useful.

There are various ear training methods available on Quiztones to assist you. Quiztones is one of the best apps for ear training because these ear training techniques are so unique.

You can train your ears by using Quiztones, which are a collection of various kinds of tones and altered frequencies.

Quiztones offer ear training in addition to audio loops. These ear training exercises will allow you to recognize and understand frequent beats and boosts.

Quiztones also help you with mixing and EQing. By completing the valuable training provided by Quiztones, you will sharpen your hearing and recognition abilities. When using quiztones, you will be able to identify problematic areas and make the necessary improvements. The trainers you can access through Quiztones will be limited. On Quiztones, you can gain knowledge about ear training through quizzes.

Complete Ear Training

One of the best Ear training apps you can find is the full app. This app provides people with ear training all over the world. Our Ear Training app provides you with comprehensive ear training and enhances the power and efficiency of your ears. You can complete as many ear exercises as you like with Ear Training. Complete Ear Training is easy to use and very straightforward.

The following simple moods can facilitate learning from Complete Ear Training.

The Ear Training app offers four levels of ear training and 24 topics. Professionals have designed and built each level of the Complete Ear training program. It is the developers’ goal to create a fun and engaging program for Complete Ear Training. In the Complete Ear app, unlocking all levels requires earning stars.

Eleven drills and 24 intervals make up Complete Ear Training. In addition to 36 chord types, this app also supports chord inversions. The combination of features in Complete Ear Training make it unique. 28 scales and calculations for melodies are provided by the program. Furthermore, Complete Ear Training shows chord progressions. This app provides you with an excellent ear training experience and allows you to effectively train your ear.

This app includes 7 additional sound banks to improve your ear training, as well as arcade mode, theory cards, and cloud syncing. All your progress and achievements can be viewed on Complete ear training.

Perfect Ear – Music Theory, Ear & Rhythm Training

It’s attractive and easy to use, and Perfect Ear is a great ear training app. It’s unique in the market to have an ear training app that is so effective and so awesome. Various tools are provided so that you can train your ears with them. Among the many features of the app are interval exercises, interval comparisons, scale exercises, and scale comparisons.

You can also determine scales, chords, etc. using the perfect ear in addition to identifying intervals, scales, etc. With the Perfect Ear App, you can do so many rhythmic exercises that will improve your ear’s efficiency and power. A rhythm input function and rhythm theory are all available in this ear training app. All rhythmic features are available with Perfect Ear.

  • You can follow a metronome’s rhythm using the Perfect Ear app.
  • Perfect Ear Training also provides pitch training and guitar training as part of its process for ear training.
  • On Perfect Ear, you can also practice sight-reading and use a fretboard trainer. You will learn to identify rhythms and beats using the Perfect Ear app.
  • There is a scale dictionary in Perfect Ear that is great for training for beginners to professionals.

Ear Trainer

Another great ear training app is Ear Trainer. In this ear training app, all users will find a lot of cool and useful features that they will appreciate. Training your ears has never been easier with the all-encompassing Trainer app. In addition to creating your own exercises, you can easily customize the ear training app. This device allows you to take notes while listening to music or sound, making it very convenient for in-the-moment use.

You will be able to perform melodic exercises with this program, which are crucial for ear training. An ear trainer includes a variety of exercises that will help you improve your hearing skills. This ear trainer has 18 melodies, 38 scales, and 38 melody exercises to choose from.

The app store gives this app 4.8 stars, which is a superb rating.


Tenuto can also be used to train ears. There’s no other app like it that you can download for free and that is so useful. The 24-exercise program Tenuto offers you a range of highly effective exercises. You can improve your musicality by practicing each exercise in Tenuto. This ear training app can help you identify chords and intervals on the keyboard.

Software allows you to enter chords, scales and accidental intervals, as well as display analysis symbols, chords and scales.

It is possible to train your ears using this app. Tenuto identifies notes as one of its special features. Using this tool, you can develop your ear.

If you identify notes, you can easily keep track of anything that needs to be reorganized or clarified.

In addition to its 4.4/5 ratings on Apple’s app store, Tenuto also offers a variety of useful features, such as dark mode, no audio lag, and no minor layouts, which all contribute to its positive vibe.

GoodEar Pro – Ear Training

GoodEar Pro, which is among the most popular today, is considered one of the best ear training apps. Whatever level of experience the user may have, GoodEar Pro can help them. With GoodEar Pro, you can develop a trained and good ear. With GoodEar, you improve your ability to hear by building up your ear’s abilities. Using GoodEar you can train your ears to the fullest extent possible. You can use GoodEar as a musician or artist from anywhere in the world.

The good ear app comes with 4 different moods, including

1. Intervals 2. Chords 3. Seales 4. Melodies. When you enable the backing chord, you can easily hear intervals on GoodEar.

Chords can be played in ascending or descending order using GoodEar, or if you prefer, simultaneously. Each attempt and inversion is available to you on GoodEar.

You can play four-note chords with GoodEar. The 20 different extended and altered chords on GoodEar will be of enormous use to all creators, singers, and directors in the park.

As a result of its special features, GoodEar has become very popular among those who train their ears. You can choose from 38 different scales in the GoodEar app.

Since GoodEar offers all of these features, it is the best ear training app. All minor harmonium scales and Ionian scales are available in GoodEar. I think the app contains a decent amount of pentatonics, hexatonics, and octatonics, which is quite a plus.

Using the GoodEar app, you can select the intervals you want to listen to. GoodEar provides you with the option to create any exercise you think will be helpful as you continue your ear training journey. Make your own ear training exercises to learn more. Our quiz or your own will train your ears. Your entire progress and improvement can be tracked on GoodEar.

Piano Ear Training Free

The market currently offers various ear training apps, but only a few offer great features and value. You can build and improve your ear efficiency using the Piano Ear Training Free app. There are many features in ear training software such as Piano Ear Training that can help you in your training process. With Piano Ear Training, you can improve your ear training by learning pitch, interval timing, and scales.

Practice your higher and lower ear features in Piano Ear Training. With Piano Ear Training, users can benefit from a number of features, making this app a great value. Additionally, features included in this program are melodic dictation, chord progressions, beat scales, and absolute pitch, all of which can be helpful for ear training in the long run. Piano Ear Training can be used by both beginners and professionals.

The exercises on this website are so beneficial and effective. On the app store, it has an excellent rating of 4.1/5, which indicates the quality of the app.

The Ear Gym – Ear training for musicians

There are few training apps as comprehensive as Ear Gym. There are hundreds of exercises and features on the Ear Gym app that will help you overcome fear. Its amazing features and high quality make this ear training app a crucial milestone in your ear training journey.

The Ear Gym can be used to categorize music by chords, harmony, and intervals. You will do interval training, pitch training, beat training, etc.

You can choose from 29 different chord types and over 40 scale types in Ear Gym. You can use it as a beginner or professional regardless of your experience level. Learning the Ear Gym will be possible through several different modes.

As you hear and understand sounds, you train your ear. Find out how to train your ears. You will also receive different drills to help you improve your ear as part of this kit. A good rating of 4.8 out of 5 has been given to Ear Gym by users.

Ear Master

There is also an app called Ear Master that is great for training your ears. On-ear Master gives you access to all the advanced ear training features of this app.

In addition to being a great tool for people with a wide range of experience levels, Ear Master is geared towards people of all skill levels as well.

EarMaster’s features are embraced and enjoyed by musicians, film directors, and artists worldwide.

Music is an important element of On-Ear Master’s training exercises, and over 2500 exercises are included. You can train your ears with 2500 exercises in Ear Master.

Your journey of ear training can be made much easier with Ear Master. In the process of learning how to transcribe chords, sing modules, and know intervals, you will be helped by the ear master application.

As you train your ears, you will face many challenges. Ear Master takes on all these challenges for you.

Therefore, Ear Master provides you with a guide who can help you with any ear training difficulties.
With Ear Master, no special skills are required for any of the features. If you are unfamiliar with its features, you don’t have to be an expert to use it.

It is very simple to train your ear with all the ear training courses on-ear Master since there are too many lessons and courses. Using the innovative, simple, and intuitive user interface of Ear Master can help you to improve the acoustics in your ears.

Music institutes and music personalities all over the world use Ear Master. Ear Master comes with 4 licenses, each with a variety of ear training features.

Functional Ear Trainer – Ear training made easy

There are many ear training apps available, but the Functional Ear Trainer is one of the best. You’ll find some fun, interesting, and interactive features on Functional Ear Trainer that will make training your ear much easier.

You can easily, quickly, and effectively train your ear with Functional Ear Trainer. A melodic dictation is available on Functional Ear Trainer. By using Functional Ear Trainer, you can find out exactly what errors you make, how much you’ve improved, and how quickly you’re progressing.

With this fun-based program you will learn how to make the most of your ears, so you will learn effectively on your own.

  • Learning to use the Functional Ear Trainer to transcribe sounds by all the musicians at the park is very important and useful.
  • There are not many ear training apps that are as powerful as this one that can help you learn to compose, mix, and transpose melodies.
  • The Functional Ear Trainer can help you to learn to hear intervals and pitch.
  • The program is suitable for children aged 3 to 90 years old, and can be customized for Beginners as well as for Professionals.
  • Playing an instrument is not necessary for you to use the Functional Ear Trainer.
  • Practicing the Functional Ear Trainer for 10 minutes a day can provide you with all the benefits.

My Ear Training Pro

You can also try My Ear Training Pro if you want to train your ear. A lot of the features of My Ear have been geared toward helping you to train your ears effectively and efficiently.

Your ear will become stronger with My Ear Training Pro’s many practice modes. The My Ear Training Pro app includes over 90+ exercises as well as lots of other activities to make your ear more efficient.

The My ear training pro app offers support for all levels of experience. Beginners to professionals can use it. My Ear Training provides different learning modes that will appeal to you.

All interactive courses for improving ear training can be found in the My Ear Training app. The training teaches a great deal of music theory.

With this ear training app, you can track your progress and statistics. Using this ear training app, you can track all the weaknesses in your ears and correct them.
Among all the ear training apps, My Ear Training Pro is one of the best. My Ear Training Pro’s lessons can be customized as per your needs to help you in your process of ear training.

With My Ear training pro, you can easily achieve functional ear training. Develop accurate pitch detection by learning all tone contents and practicing tones.

Hearing: ear training. Piano.

It is also highly recommended to train your ears to hear. People who are looking to cultivate great listing abilities will find this training app very helpful.

It is a complete ear training app with so many features that I would call it a perfect one. Select a musical instrument from the Hearing app to continue.

Among the instruments supported by Hearing are Piano, Guitar, Violin, Bass Guitar, and others. It is possible to create musical notes by using the Hearing app, which can be used for later improvement.

On the hearing app, you can see your musical stats and improvement graph. Enhance your sense of hearing and improve your efficiency. Use this app to train your ear for melodic diction.

An app that helps musicians hear better is well developed and is available worldwide. Hearing is the best ear training app available due to its variety of features. You can receive good training for your ear through Hearing.

You can improve your hearing ability by simply using your ear more often. With Hearing, you’ll be able to develop your musical sense by using the many ear-training features available.

Ear Plugins

It is also very popular to use Ear Plugins as an ear training app. This app is not considered to be as good as others.

All the other ear training apps help you train your ears, just as ear plugins do. Each and every feature of these ear plugs is unique and effective. An ear training app is used worldwide to improve ears.

In terms of powerful ears, ear plugins assist you in identifying chords, intervals, and frequency brands in order to archive various supremacy features.

You can select and input any content you feel relevant to you with the Ear plugins since there is no built-in audio. With ear Plugins, you can open your files and check their frequencies and sound boosts easily.

If your frequency is right, this app provides you with green light suggestions and poop ups when that happens. It is useful in original life usages to have a suggestion feature. This ear training app lets you adjust settings from minimum to maximum.

In order to maximize learning efficiency, ear plugins are highly optimized. Its biggest advantage is that it provides well-formatted, detailed feedback on your ear training journey in order to help you improve.

With Ear Plugins you can enhance efficiency with visual and auditory support. Using ear plugs will help you get the full benefits of free educational support.

Train Your Ear

There is an app called Train Your Ear that can be mentioned when we discuss ear training apps. You can train your ear with this app.

You can use the ear training features of Train Your Ear to improve your hearing. Training Your Ear aids you in understanding and identifying all equalizers and frequencies very readily.

Your music learning process can be sped up by using Train Your Ear. Learn how to listen to and equalize various types of beats and equalizations with this app.

The Train Your Ear app has many features for training your ear, but its most important and key feature is that it teaches you all the mistakes you are making as you train your ear, and it also guides you in the right direction as you train your ear.

Gain a frequent and strong sound memory with the Train, Your Ear app. With Train Your Ear, you can get back to your imagination what you imagined in sound and beats.

You can use this app to develop great hearing and a high sense of sound power through highly engaging and exciting methods. You can even get a call guide to guide you through the ear training process by using the Train Your Ear app.

This app also provides suggestions that will help you to make efficient and effective changes. Train Your Ear app helps you achieve precisely what you want by imagining and helping you get it.

During the course of ten minutes, you will be presented with over 100 equalizations and a workshop assistant, which will help you on your ear training journey.


So, here are the 14 best ear training apps to help you train your ear. The ear training apps are all included after extensive research and testing.


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