12 Best Random Chat Apps Reddit (Android & iOS) 2023

Whenever our everyday lives get boring, we can always have fun talking to strangers. Introducing yourself to new people is fun.

I always enjoy talking to new people because sometimes there is no conscious feedback and you can be yourself.

This is one reason why strangers enjoy talking to one another. It’s become quite popular in recent years to chat with strangers who have similar interests and tastes through random chat apps. It is possible to start a conversation with a stranger in a number of ways, including by meeting them in person.

The world has shifted to the digital realm, so random chat apps are growing in popularity. Random chat apps are available for users of Android and Apple devices.

The privacy concerns of many users are among the reasons why they avoid randomly choosing chat apps. The good news is that you might find your ideal friend if you use one of these apps

Why Do Users Choose Random Chat Apps?

On mobile devices and desktop computers, many people install random chat applications. The applications allow users to anonymously share their stories and they’re entertaining to use.

It is possible to make great friends through these applications as well. A random chatting application can help users discover new people to chat with.

In addition, users can interact with unknown friends by sharing pictures and videos.

The following is a list of the best random chat apps that are available on iOS and Android devices.

Best Random Chat Apps: Our Top Pick

Among all the various chat applications available, do you have no idea which one to choose? Continue reading.

The following are our top picks for random chat apps. You can use them to send texts, make video calls, and talk on the phone. Also, some of these applications allow you to communicate anonymously with anyone.

Hi5 – Chat with Stranger

A free online application, Hi5, allows you to find old friends and long-lost acquaintances. Online strangers can be found on this site, chatting with them, or arranging to meet.

During installation, the user can select from multiple settings and filter the results according to their interests in order to find a new friend. A few unique features are:

  • This application allows users to find old friends and make new ones.
  • Users can search for people based on location, age, and much more.
  • Thanks to the application’s advanced algorithms, people can easily find one another worldwide, regardless of their location.
  • The app also contains the game Pets.

Google Play Store & Apple App Store

Holla – Live Random Video Chat

During installation, the user can select from multiple settings and filter the results according to their interests in order to find a new friend. A few unique features are:

Holla, a very popular mobile random chat application, is available for Android and iPhone users. This app is one of the most popular ways to chat with random strangers.

Using the search functionality and the application’s interface, users can find, meet, and chat with strangers who share the same interests. It is possible to communicate with strangers locally as well as internationally.

Aside from being extremely easy to use, this chat application is also completely free. By using it, users can discover strangers while going about their daily lives and find new friends easily.

You can search endlessly for new friends within the application. Also, all users are authentic. The application provides the following features:

  • This random chat app allows users to chat live in both voice and video.
  • In addition, users can make free video calls and send texts.
  • The chat application works seamlessly over 3G, 4G, and WiFi, and users can choose their preferred gender.
  • The app works seamlessly whether you’re connected via 3G, 4G, or WiFi.
  • This application has an international community that is completely safe.

Google Play Store & Apple App Store 

Bigo live – Live Stream, Live Chat, Go Live

One of the best-known chart-tracking applications on both mobile and desktop platforms is Bigo Live.

With stranger chat, users can organize live online conversations with strangers around the world, unlike with other applications.

Additionally, you can choose from several different live video streams.

More than 140 countries use this application to reach approximately 200 million users worldwide. Additionally, you can stream and showcase your skills using this application.

In this app, multiple rooms can be created. This app offers the following features:

  • Through this application, the user can showcase their hidden talents, like singing or dancing.
  • A multi-guest room can accommodate up to nine friends who share the same interests in the friend chat application.
  • In addition, there is the possibility of having one-on-one conversations with unknown users through the application.
  • It is also possible to stream games using this application.

Google Play Store & Apple App Store

Sweet Chat

Meet new people and have interesting conversations using sweet chat, the simplest chat application available.

One of the most popular Android apps is the random chat application, Sweet Chat. Through this application, people can chat with each other easily.

A few features of it are:

  • In addition to different models, users can also share amazing sticks with anyone who wants to.
  • A user may join a group according to their interests and use the random chatting application Sweet Chat to chat with other members of the group.
  • Users can create new clubs to add people with similar interests.
  • When the recipient reads your messages, they will automatically disappear, which makes this random chat application very intriguing.

Google Play Store

Skout – Meet, Chat, Go Live

Skout is not only compatible with mobile devices running Android and iOS, but it is also an excellent random chat application.

Chatting with strangers worldwide is possible with the application. Millions of users use it to chat with strangers.

With the application, users are able to contact strangers with similar interests. As well as hiding or viewing personal information, users can also access location information. Privacy is another concern for developers.

Some of the exciting structures of this app:-

  • By matching users based on interests and preferences, this application matches up users.
  • Users of nearby applications can receive continuous updates.
  • Users are able to save conversations and people easily.
  • You can view pictures of users and browse profiles in this application.
  • Users can discover new friends through this application from anywhere at any time.

Google Play Store & Apple App Store

Meet4U – Chat, Love, Singles!

Meet4U is another great random messaging app. Anyone looking for a long-term partner can use this app.

Users can find friends and people with similar interests through the app.

If you want to meet new people, meet4u, which is a free app, is the best choice.

Among the features of this app are:

  • This application allows you to share photos, videos, and other media with someone you don’t know.
  • Users can interact and chat with new people nearby by updating local users continuously.
  • In addition to simple game encounters, users are also able to play the application.
  • A premium plan can also be purchased for access to even more exciting features.

Google Play Store & Apple Play Store


iPhone users love the Badoo app. The app is used to communicate with each other.

You don’t have to pay to chat with strangers. The app lets you track down strangers anywhere in the world. You can make friends by chatting with them.

Some of the exciting structures of this application:-

  • This app offers a large number of local singles to meet.
  • Between users and their matched matches, users can have video conversations.
  • In three steps, this application ensures your security and provides accurate information.
  • Viruses and spam are automatically detected and blocked by Badoo.
  • You can access even more exciting features with the premium subscription, enabling you to benefit from even more benefits.

Google Play Store & Apple App Store

Azar: Swipe, Match, Video Chat

It is another popular choice for Android and iOS random chats. In addition, it has more than 10 million downloads, making it among the most popular random chat apps.

Chatting with anyone around the globe is easy with the app.

The following features are available in this app:-

  • Users can select a gender preference and region preference within the application.
  • Adding new friends to this random chat application is easy.
  • Free to use, this tool can serve as an excellent communication tool.
  • As well, the program supports a number of languages.

Google Play Store & Apple App Store

Two – Meet New People

The new random chat application lets you meet stylish strangers. This application allows users to flirt with strangers on the go.

It is possible to meet unlimited new friends here from around the globe and from nearby places. A user can also select new friends by selecting similar hobbies, actions, or goals.

All you need is this app, which is free. You can also upgrade to a premium plan if you want more features.

Among the exciting features of Random Chat are:

  • This application allows you to find people nearby.
  • A new setting allows you to find people who have similar interests.
  • Using the Twoo chat application, you can also watch live streams.
  • Furthermore, users can view other users’ profiles and send free direct messages with this application.
  • Other members’ profiles are also available for viewing.

Google Play Store & Apple App Store


By using this application, an online user can make new friends and converse with strangers. Over 30 million people use this application.

It is completely free to use this free application to find nearby strangers. As well as meeting in person, you can chat online with them.

Matching users with strangers with similar interests is made possible by an interesting algorithm.

These are just a few of the features that make this app so fascinating:

  • To create a dating profile, users upload their photos and reveal interesting facts about themselves.
  • It has a number of features, aside from breaking the eye and making it more likely that you’ll get a date, which are quite intriguing.
  • Additionally, you can subscribe to a premium plan to be able to reply to new strangers.

Google Play Store & Apple App Store

Anonymous Chat Room

The name of the application says it all. A user who likes to chat with strangers will find the application useful. The application is free to use, and the interface is easy to use.

As well as that, the user may pick strangers who suit their preferences.

This app also has the following features:

  • You can speak to strangers in multiple languages when using this application
  • The application allows users to share thoughts and exchange secrets without revealing their identities.
  • There are many true friends and soulmates to be found on this application. Tens of thousands of users use it daily.
  • Users can customize the user interface of this application through multiple settings.

Google Play Store & Apple App Store

Meet: Chat & Meet New People

Find new friends on Meetme by meeting strangers. People like Meetme for a variety of reasons.

By using the app, users can find strangers nearby and arrange meetings.

Some of the fascinating features of this app are:-

  • This is an appealing application that has a fun interface and a lot of interactivity.
  • An application’s language can be chosen by the user.
  • Meeting offers additional features beyond random chats in its app.

Google Play Store & Apple App Store


Random chat applications have grown in popularity in recent years. It is fun to talk to strangers. Be sure of your identity before giving out any personal information.

Other than these minor issues, you can enjoy a completely new experience with these applications since you can use them both locally and globally. Choosing the right stranger chat application can be confusing for a user who uses one.

Our team has put together a list of the best random chat apps available on both Android and iPhone. They feature a number of interesting features that make them fun to use.

You can create a truly unique chatting experience with strangers by selecting your favorite random chat app from this list.

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