15 Best TradingView Alternatives for Equity, Crypto & Forex 2023

It works with foreign exchange rates, trading data, and cryptocurrencies, making it an ideal tool for traders and investors.

The software includes charts you can use, but you can make your own. Due to this, you may be inclined to skip TradingView and try something else.

Stock selection and analysis can be done using a variety of software packages. Even those with little time to browse can easily navigate through our pages. Buying and selling on global markets are possible with TradingView.

Our top pick for Tradingview alternatives

TradingView alternatives are listed below. It is possible to select a trading platform based on your trading needs and your skillset by learning about various platforms and comparing them.

TradingView’s competitors are listed below.


Improved charting makes it easier to trade stocks with StockCharts, one of the top TradingView alternatives.

TradingView is a stock-trading alternative based on financial instruments, which support stocks, ETFs, as well as others. In addition to commodities, the company offers the United States dollar, gold, silver, and other trading options.

Investing intelligently can be made easier with StockCharts’ extensive set of tools, resources, and charts. The interaction with the markets is also very interactive.

As an added benefit, it is flexible enough to satisfy all investor needs. With our platform, you can manage your investments completely on your own.

In addition to real-time graphing capabilities, this TradingView alternative is accessible from anywhere and on any device.

Scanners also provide a means of discovering new market opportunities. Furthermore, technical alerts can help you decide when to sell your stocks in the most profitable manner.


Do you want to get started with forex trading? Do you need a good platform to do so? This situation may call for NinjaTrader.

The platform can be used to simulate trades, analyze markets and perform advanced charting, including direct trades from charts when you are searching for a forex trading platform.

To profit from market changes, keep abreast of the FX Board. The market can also be monitored using volumetric bars, order flow indicators, and market depth indicators.

NinjaTrader allows you to track your portfolio.

Market research, charts, and even live charting are all included in this brokerage service, which is free of charge.

Alternatively, if you wish to use more advanced features, like automatic trading or backtesting, you may have to subscribe to the premium edition.

Traders who are searching for Tradingview alternatives might find this to be a good platform.


A good bitcoin trading platform is CoinGecko. Using TradingView as an alternative to TradingView, you can keep track of cryptocurrency market movements. Coins can be purchased at the right time. Tradingview is a great alternative.

Your email address and a password are needed to make the most of the service. The site will now allow you to log in and start using it once you have set up an account. Tracking swaps can be done worldwide using it for hundreds of swaps.

Coin Gecko’s website says it’s been used by over 10 million people and generates twice as many page views per month as it was before it was created.

This website contains resources for learning cryptography, educational resources, and the latest news. Consequently, TradingView is an excellent alternative to it.


Investors and traders will find this platform multi-award-winning. MultiCharts offers advanced market analysis and numerous tools to make your trading goals a reality.

Additionally, the platform includes other useful features, such as the ability to chart in high definition, trade directly from charts, and add indicators. As such, it is a good alternative to TradingView

You can take advantage of these charts by making use of the platform’s name. The chart types offered to users are both regular and uncommon to meet the specific requirements of each trader.

Charts are available in many formats, including TPO charts, volume delta charts, OHLC charts, candlestick charts, and Heiken-Ashi charts, among others.

Automated trading is available in MultiCharts so you can execute trades on time. It will be easier to send orders through this method than if they were sent by a regular human.

Due to the tiny delay, it can provide a considerable competitive advantage.


Investing in bitcoin and other digital assets is one of the best uses of Coinigy, a fun TradingView alternative. Currently, this platform offers high-speed connections across the entire bitcoin ecosystem and supports more than 45 exchanges.

Those involved in bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading will find it to be a very useful platform as it allows real-time access.

It is possible to exchange cryptocurrency from anywhere, any time with CoinIngy, as it is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

This system provides you with trade alerts and SMS notifications so you won’t miss out on anything. Moreover, there is no trading limit on this website, which means that you can trade an unlimited amount of cryptocurrency with other people.

In addition, all exchange fees will be waived. If you choose to stay with Coinigy after the trial period is over, you will only be charged according to your subscription.

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies can be traded using this platform.

MetaTrader 5

Forex and exchange market traders can benefit from MetaTrader 5, which is one of the most sophisticated TradingView alternatives.

This trading platform is suitable for the modern trader, thanks to a slew of features that have been added to the equation. A wide variety of financial assets and markets can also be accessed through automated trading methods and access to technical analysis tools.

Along with currency and futures trading, MetaTrader 5 is an excellent platform for stock trading as well.

Among the advanced features are a number of ordering choices that allow you to place an order with just a single click on a button on the website. It also supports four alternative execution modes, each of which is designed to achieve a specific goal.

In MetaTrader 5, you will also be able to see trading robots or algorithmic trading. With this tool, you can make trades more efficiently thanks to the algorithmic rules.

A trading robot and technical indicators can be purchased or rented that can reduce the impact of emotions.


TradingView is suited to novice traders, whereas TradeStation is targeted at experienced, active traders.

A comprehensive set of trading technologies is available as well as online brokerage services and educational materials.

Futures, cryptocurrencies, and stocks may be excellent investment opportunities.

Traders are assisted in achieving their objectives by using TradeStation by analyzing their trading methods. This platform provides statistical modeling as well, making it a valuable asset.

Several sophisticated tools are included in the package to assist you in making an informed trading decision.

TradeStation claims its platform is more stable than that of its competitors.

A powerful set of charts and analytical tools is available to aid you in your trading activities. Portfolio Maestro is one of several performance analysis tools it offers.


The Thinkorswim platform suite was designed by Ameritrade. On Ameritrade’s website, you can find it.

This is a great option for newcomers as well as experienced traders who want to trade stocks, options, and futures in the financial markets because of its intuitive interface and beautiful design.

This award-winning platform lets you design the chart to be of any shape or size you like. Create a chart according to your needs using our drawing tools.

A bonus of Thinkorswim is the thinkScript programming language.

Its features include stock scanning, stock screening, and filtering.

By using Stock Hacker, you can get updates on the status of stocks meeting your requirements. The Thinkorswim app allows you to trade from mobile devices or computers.

Wunderbit Trading

Interested in learning the ropes of cryptocurrency trading and new to the market? It is easy to conduct business using Wunderbit Trading.

Due to a variety of tools, you are able to trade and invest in cryptocurrencies with ease.

It has a history of openness that sets Wunderbit Trading apart. The best cryptocurrency traders use this tool to learn what works.

In addition, you have the option of creating an automated trading bot or trading using an advanced terminal. Finding the best crypto trading signals will be easier with the final method.

On this platform, you can build spreads using a wide range of assets. Simply change the type of approach you are using to go from conventional to spread trading.

Furthermore, you should consider multiple account management, portfolio tracking, and a digital currency account.

MetaTrader 4

MetaTrader 4 is a platform that you ought to be familiar with if you’re looking for a forex trading platform. The site offers tools to help you become a better forex trader.

A qualified consultant will also assist in improving your trading performance.

But unlike many other platforms out there, it is not a jack-of-all-trades but master of none. Rather, it is one of the best alternatives to Tradingview on the market.

There have been millions of traders using MetaTrader 4 for quite some time, and they have a wide range of requirements.

Because of its easy-to-use features and the variety of instruments it offers, it has proved to be ideal for traders at all levels, due to its easy-to-use features and versatile instruments.

Traders who are interested in expanding their forex trading opportunities should consider MetaTrader 4.
Several operating systems are supported by this TradingView alternative, including Windows, Mac, Linux, and mobile devices. With this level of interoperability, traders can trade from anywhere, at any time.


Like CryptoView, it manages cryptocurrency funds. Utilize a single, convenient dashboard for managing a portfolio and trading currencies across all 15+ exchanges.

With CryptoView, you have access to all of your portfolios, account information, and trade histories in one place.

With CryptoView, you can analyze the cryptocurrency market using a number of tools. Data from a wide range of exchanges are synced throughout the process and 75 different indicators and graphing tools are available.

Order depths, bids, and asks can be adjusted on the fly depending on market conditions. In addition, it provides unique capabilities that enable you to preserve your wealth during turbulent market times.

Maintaining a personal portfolio is important because you can see where you stand with just a quick glance.

CryptoView provides balance data from all of the connected wallets, exchanges, and banks, so you can accomplish your goal while receiving balance information.


There are other trading platforms that have advanced features besides TradingView. Others exist as well. The correct location for TrendSpider has been redirected to you.

The TrendSpider program maximizes cryptocurrency trading (and forex trading) efficiency. Both beginners and experienced traders can benefit from using it.

You will get a complete picture of the cryptocurrency market by looking at 150 cryptocurrency exchanges and 6500 trade pairs.

Furthermore, TrendSpider allows you to perform automated technical analyses and backtests based on real-time data while simultaneously creating visually appealing charts.

There is a substantial price difference between TradingView and TradingView Pro, and TradingView Pro has a significantly higher uptime than TradingView.


TabTrader is not just a smartphone application, but it is also a mobile platform for exchanging cryptocurrencies. You should have experience in the trade industry in order to take this course.

When used by regular traders, TabTrader can be a great advantage as it allows them to manage their portfolios in one place, enabling them to link their various affiliated accounts and see their activity in one place.

TabTrader also provides data analysis and stock information. Due to the nature of the trading platform being a mobile app, you can enable a lock.

A majority of the app’s functions can be customized by making your own trading pairs and trades.

Due to how easy it is to keep an eye on bitcoin trading portfolios using TabTrader, TabTrader is a popular service for portfolio tracking.

On TabTrader, a Pro version can be purchased for USD 10 a month and discounts are available for annual purchases.

Gemini Active Trader

Traders who are experienced can take advantage of the Gemini Active Trader trading program.

Serious and active traders can choose from an array of options, including advanced charting, auctions, and different order types.

With this platform, you can trade in microseconds due to its speed and stability.

Gemini Active Trader is well suited for traders seeking to trade at optimal times since late executions can have a big impact on their strategies. System reliability and security remain intact as it moves at lightning speed.

A trading strategy that maximizes market opportunities can be developed. Since it features trading pair selectors and a deep order book, you can take advantage of the market to the fullest extent.

Additionally, traders can access the platform through mobile browsers from anywhere, allowing them to trade from anywhere.


Cryptography and stock graphing are provided in real-time. As a result of its cryptographic power, it makes our list.

Don’t waste time, you want crypto. Access more than 100 crypto exchanges and over 14,000 cryptocurrency pairs with this free cryptography program. TA cryptography can be customized with 300+ indicators with GoCharting.

In addition, TA crypto comes with unlimited social sharing and complex charts like Kagi, Heikin Ashi, and Point, which makes it more unsatisfactory.

TradingView Alternatives – FAQs

TradingView: what is it?

Traders of all levels will benefit from this course. Online stock picker and application. This tool can be used in conjunction with cloud charting tools to conduct research. Collaboration and knowledge sharing between traders are possible.

Is there a better alternative to TradingView?

TradingView is available on more than 25 platforms, including Online / Web-based, Windows, iPhone, SaaS, and Android. MetaTrader, which is free, is the best alternative. Good Crypto (Freemium), Protrader (Free), TabTrader (Free), and Coinigy (Paid) are great alternatives to TradingView.

NinjaTrader or TradingView: Which is better?

It is absolutely outrageously expensive to use TradingView compared to NinjaTrader. Over a period of five years, NinjaTrader has substantial cost savings over the other. With Tradingview, delayed data charting is free.

How do professionals use charts?

Professional traders typically use candlestick charts. A professional trader may also use other types of charts based on the type of market and the information they are seeking. Examples include bar charts, market profiles, and others.

How accurate is the technical indicator?

As a leading indicator that takes both times (cycles) and moving averages into account, STC generates faster, more accurate signals than other leading indicators.


You can filter your options down much more quickly and precisely now that you know TradingView’s alternatives.

Select a trading platform that matches your needs and capabilities. Whatever your level of experience with trading, you’ll find these options to be excellent choices.


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