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Day Of The Dead 2023 – The living is made of nothing but flaws. The dead, with each passing day in the afterlife, become more and more impeccable to those who remain earthbound. Most of us know about the day of death which is celebrated every year, but how many of you know why the day of the dead is celebrated? Do you know how and when is it observed? Here is the deep and dark history behind the day of the dead.

Day Of The Dead 2023

The day of the dead festival is observed from October 31st to 2nd November. This day of the dead 2023 is celebrated in the memory of the friends and family who has ceased to exist. This multi-day festival is originated from Mexico and is later continued to different countries especially Latin America and the United States. They worship their beloved souls who left the world with their traditions and customs. All the family members gather and together pray for the people who have passed away to help in their spiritual journey.
Though the celebration of The Day of the Dead starts from October 31, the actual ceremony is on the 1st and 2nd November. November 1st is devoted to the toddlers and infants. This day of the dead 2023 festival is remembered as the day of the little angles or the day of the innocents.

Day Of The Dead History

November 2nd (second) is the actual day of the dead 2023, and the spirits of adults are honored on this day. Both the days are reported as holidays. All these three days of celebration are collectively known as the day of the dead. They say that the spirits of their loved ones who are gone are allowed to join the festival and communicate with their people for 2days. Day Of The Dead 

Day Of The Dead Coloring Pages

The roots of the Day of the Dead rest in the 16th-century fusion of the Aztecs’ belief in death as only one part of the broader cycle of survival, their ritual reverences and sacrifices to the goddess Mictecacihuatl (“Lady of the Dead”) for departed children and adults. This period is precisely a joyful, ritualistically elaborated festival of life, rather than a sober mourning of its passing.

How To Paint A Day Of The Dead Face

They believe that the doors of heaven are opened at midnight on October 31, and the souls of all departed children are allowed to rejoin with their families for 24 hours that is on November 1st. On November 2, the spirits of the grown-ups come down to enjoy the celebrations that are arranged for them.

Day Of The Dead Skull Drawing

The two most important symbols of the Day Of Dead 2022 celebrations you find when you happen to visit is the Sugar Skull with the name of the departed on its forehead a series of sweets and ribbons adorning the rest. 

Day Of The Dead Skull Mask

The people who celebrate the day of the dead visit the graves of their beloved ones and clean it by clearing the weeds and by taking out any left out debris. They support the idea of leaving behind toys and Sugar skulls for kids and alcohol, food for adults along with their beloved possessions like clothes or their favorite food. They play their beloveds favorite songs and tell favorite stories about the person who has passed. 

Day Of The Dead Tattoo

They also offer a beautiful homemade alter which is decorated with the skeletons and skulls on the Papel Picado. These decorated alters are left in the persons home or on his grave stating that he or she is not forgotten and should come back and visit us. 
One of the universally recognized figures of the celebration is the skeleton of a woman with the bright colored hat known as La Catrina. La Catrina is different from other skeletons who scare people, in fact, She portrays that it’s okay to laugh at death. Her style also exhibits the rich, that we all are equal in death.

Day Of The Dead Skull Drawing

Dressing as Catrina has become popular in Mexico, not just in Mexico still throughout the globe. Pair a long, flowing dress- optionally in a rich colored lace-with the proper day of the dead makeup and a crown of flowers, and the look is impeccable. Reasonably, though, you’d like a look that’s more suitable for daily wear. Lucky for you, the sugar skull theme can now be seen on many articles of clothing-sugar skull tops, sugar skull leggings, and also Day of the Dead handbags are accessible. Day of the Dead fashion for women gets equally better with skeleton print dresses and tops- they are a contemporary twist on the Catrina look now and are real jaw-droppers when done right. There’s even sugar skull art for the nails for those who want to be a little more subdued. 

Day Of The Dead Costumes

Also, Kids put on the masks, dress in colorful costumes and go from house to house or just talk to someone moving by. People give them some candies or money.  Conclusively, let’s consider a belief that unites objects used during the Day of Dead and happiness. People believe that there is a connection and happy spirits bring them wisdom and prosperity.

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