Happy Mothers Day 2023 | Emotional Mother’s Day Quotes from SON 2023 SMS

Mother and son share a good bonding, their love for each other increases day by day. They love, care and fight with each other, but nothing can decrease their affection for each other. A Mother knows his son more than anyone else. A son is always a special child for a mom, and both understand one’s need. Where a mother who teaches, scolds and take care of his son. Similarly, A son starts caring and loving her mother at a very soon age. A Mother is the only person who knows every mistake done by his son but never leaves his side. 
She scolds him but stands against the world, if someone just points a finger on his son. She teaches everything that to be learned at every stage of life. She also teaches him how to respect women and their elders. To the entire sons, who love their Mother endlessly, we have brought you.

Emotional Mother’s Day Quotes from SON 2023 SMS, Messages, and Wishes.

Emotional Mother’s Day Quotes from SON 2023

  • Happy Mother’s day Mom! Nothing in the world that can separate you from me. Promise to be with you till I close my eyes forever. Love you. 
  • Happy Mother’s day Mom! Thank you, mom, for tolerating all my unusual behaviour and loving me more than anyone else does. Love you. 
@ Happy Mother’s Day Wishes
  • Dear mom, your smile is enough to disappear all my problems and stress. Keep smiling. Happy Mother’s day Mom! 
  • Dear Mom, You know what you mean to me “My world full of happiness.” Stay happy and stay blessed. Happy Mother’s day Mom!

@ Lovely Mother’s Day Poems 2023
  • Happy Mother’s day to the best Chef! Can’t wait to taste all the yum foods you cook for me. Love you and Miss you so much.
  • Dear Mom, You deserve the best son than me, but I can find a better mother than you. Love you. Happy Mother’s day Mom!

  • Dear Mom, You are not just a Mom to me. You are my heart, my life and most of all the reason I breathe.
  • Having the sweetest mom like you is the only reason; I want to relive my life again in this cruel world. Happy Mother’s day Mom!
  • Thank you, mom, for scolding me for all my evil things that made me a right person today. Happy Mother’s day Mom! 
  • There is nothing in the whole world that can be comparing to your love. Your love never demanded me in return. Love you countless. Happy Mother’s day Mom!
  • All your encouragement helps me to achieve all the things in my life. Never stop encouraging mom. Love you to the core. Happy Mother’s day Mom! 
  • Dear Mom, Thank you for being my partner in all events of my life. I still enjoy your accompany. Happy Mother’s day Mom!

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