Exclusive: OnePlus To Release OnePlus One Lite Alongside OnePlus Two

OnePlus recently started sending out invites about an event that they are holding tomorrow, and it only says ‘You are Invited’. Well, it is not hard to guess what they are planning to release as OnePlus recently made it clear that they are planning to introduce two new smartphones this year, and also the CEO of OnePlus said that they will be releasing the OnePlus Two, but didn’t say anything about the second smartphone. Luckily, a source really close to the matter told us a bit more about OnePlus plans for tomorrow.


According to our source, OnePlus will be releasing the OnePlus One Lite alongside the OnePlus Two. As OnePlus Two will be the flagship smartphone, OnePlus One Lite will be a phone with better specs than OnePlus One, but still a light version of the flagship smartphone. Regarding the availability of the phone, the source commented that initially the phone will be available via invites only, just like the predecessor but OnePlus might have some better plans for the future. That’s all we know about it for now.

OnePlus sold around 1,000,000 devices in just a year, and the way they created their demand is quite amazing as well. The ‘invite system’ worked out pretty well for them, and now they are looking forward to selling more than 5 million devices in one year, which is obviously quite a huge number for such a young company. Also, OnePlus recently released their very own OxygenOS, which is an Android ROM created by OnePlus developers and team members of Paranoid-Android.

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Hopefully, OnePlus will officially lift the curtain tomorrow and we will get to learn more about the new additions. Are you looking forward to OnePlus Two and OnePlus One Lite? Let us know in the comment box below.


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