How To Get Archwing Launcher Segment 2023

Archwing Runs on Eidolon’s plains are made possible by the Archwing Launcher, which is essential for Fortuna bounty runs on Orb Vallis.

For the Plains of Eidolon phase, archwing launchers used to be required, but they only need one now that they are infinitely obtainable. Additionally, they automatically equip themselves when they jump or fall!

Making the Archwing Launcher is a bit complicated, but this guide can help you get all the pieces.

When you get it, you can put it into a gear slot.

Here’s a guide to getting Archwing Launcher Segments

  • In order to make the launcher, you need the Archwing Launcher segment.
  • You’ll need Mastery Rank 5 to unlock the blueprint, so jump into your dojo and head to the Tenno Research Lab.
  • Lastly, if you do not have a clan right now, you can find one using the recruitment chat! Craft it in your Foundry once you get the blueprint.

You will need the following materials to craft Archwing Launcher Segment:

  • Credits of 100.000x
  • Oxium 1.200x
  • Grok Drul 50x
  • Iradite 50x

Find out how fast credit farming works today by reading our The Index Guide.

If you want to improve your Oxium you can join a resource farming group until you get enough Oxium (1.200 Oxium can be a lot early and mid game).

  • Grokdrul should be fairly easy to locate on the Plains of Eidolon if you do bounties or just roam around the various Grineer camps.
  • The same applies to Iradite, which is scattered across the Plains of Eidolon in batches of ten or acquired as a bounty.
  • The actual Archwing Launcher can be crafted after you have crafted the Archwing Launcher Segment.
  • Building the Archwing Launcher
  • A final crafting step is to craft the Archwing Launcher after installing the Archwing Launcher Segment. This one requires a little fishing, but the cost is not too high.
  • Don’t wait! Catch some fish on Eidolon’s Plains today!

Crafting the Archwing Launcher requires the following materials:

  • 7.500x Credits
  • 600x Circuits
  • 50x Grok Drul
  • 50x Iradite
  • 30x Fish Oil

Fish oil is obtained from Eidolon fishes. Once you have gathered enough fish, Hai-Luk can extract it. For Ceres and Venus, however, fewer Circuits are available, so a few runs may be necessary. It takes only 30 minutes to produce, equip, and fly around the Warframe universe with the launcher! Make sure your melee attacks take down the Archwing quickly by using Space and Shift to speed it up.



By knowing where to look, what to farm, and how to find it, you can easily get the Archwing Launcher. It’s likely you will need to do some resource farming to get Oxium if you’re looking for farming groups on the Plains of Eidolon.

Use the Archwing you want to fly with as you fly around, so make sure you choose the correct Archwing! Have a great flight, otherwise.

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