3 Pillars to Build a Successful Website For Your Brand

Design, UI, and UX – 3 pillars to build a Great website/ portal for your brand

A Good Website Design is More Than What You See

There is a common misconception that website design is all about what you see.

However, a well-designed website is also about how it works and what experience it delivers for the users.
Website design is more than pretty pictures and layout; it’s also about how it solves problems, achieves results, and communicates a message to users effectively.

The website is the prime element of your overall digital presence. Hence, it’s essential that it is designed in a way that is attractive and turns traffic into warm leads and customers.

Here are the 3 important pillars to build a captivating website/portal for your brand:

1. Mobile-First Design

Mobile-First Design

Customers today are playing hopscotch across different digital channels. And, mobile plays a pivotal role. Sure you may be having a responsive design layout that is optimized for varying mobile and tablet screens.

But, is that effective? As opposed to responsive design, the mobile-first design offers a better user experience when users access your website through mobile devices.

In responsive design, your first design for larger screens and then optimize it for smaller screens. Whereas the mobile-first design is the adaptation of an app-like user interface with less text, larger fonts, faster download speed, video and audio, one call-to-action per page, short forms, etc.

With the explosion of mobile usage, mobile-first design is critical for pages that are not heavily content-oriented and have forms and other interactive elements.

Currently, 54.8% of the total traffic on the Internet is via mobile phones, and by the end of the year, experts estimate an increase of up to 75%.

2. UX – User Experience

What could be worse than having a visitor leave your site due to a hindrance or annoyance that you can control? Isn’t it critical to have a clean site that keeps your visitors hooked? Providing an unbeatable user experience will give you the power to reverse users from leaving your site.

UX is an essential element of website design that refers to the human experience of using your site and creating a seamless experience that is likely to result in repeat visits and successful conversions.

You may be a creative marketer who attempts to keep portal elements fresh and provide high-level engagement with your users. But, is your website producing intended results and delivering communication that your audience likes?

To understand this you need to check your analytics at the micro-level to see whether you are making the right interventions.

When implementing changes and design elements to your site, ensure to test your interventions instead of relying on instincts and move away from ineffective interventions that hamper your site’s UX.

3. UI – User Interface

A good user interface encompasses attractive graphics, visual hierarchy, stylish fonts, and intuitive navigation that users actually look forward to browsing and using. It’s best to anticipate user preference and then build an interface that focuses on aesthetics, responsiveness, accessibility, and efficiency of the site. Here are some of the vital elements of UI you can focus on for the same:

  • Include call-to-actions
  • Use clear icons
  • Build around results and getting things done for smooth navigation
  • Combine white space with clear imagery and short-to-the-point text
  • Avoid clutter and follow the KISS – Keep It Simple, Stupid design to make the site easier to use and understand

Don’t let a poor website design experience choke your marketing and sales funnels. Your website needs to be aesthetically pleasing, mobile-friendly, and deliver a positive experience to increase conversions and reduces bounce rates.

Focus on usability and don’t be afraid to experiment with visual elements and copy to figure out what pleases your audience. Run tests on portal elements to determine if the change makes a difference.

The above elements can serve as valuable checkpoints to ensure that you build a strong web presence with an appealing website to attract visitors and hold their interest.

How do you apply these design principles to your website to boost usability and conversion? Let us know what you think by writing to us at marketingfolks@xerago.com.

If you wish to take your digital presence management to the next level, there’s one other strategy you can leverage to achieve marketing efficiency and velocity. Coming Soon…Watch this space…


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