How To Get Rid Of Bytefence 2023

Bytefence is a security program that protects the Windows PC from crapware, malware, and spyware. You can download the anti-malware application from the official website; it has both the free and the paid versions. The program is entirely legit, and Byte Technologies created it.

But the developers have spread it through bundling, which is a questionable software marketing method.

In software packages, bundling helps to spread programs as an optional component. So if you have installed the software bundle from a third party from the download source such as Softonic or Cnet, this security program will also be installed.

To increase the sales of a paid version and promote security software is the primary purpose of this activity. Due to the sudden system scans referring to the action as the Bytefence virus surprised most PC users. Even so, we can make sure that the program is not malicious.

Experts of security have highly recommended uninstalling Bytefence from the PC and handed this anti-virus to the potentially unwanted programs (PUP) category because of its suspicious distribution method.

How To Uninstall Bytefence Windows 10

How To Get Rid Of Bytefence

To Change Browser Settings, Install Bytefence

A browser hijacker means it is an anti-malware program capable of setting as a default search engine, so it doesn’t matter if you have installed Bytefence yourself or if it arrived bundled.

If you are installing the software yourself, the installer will notify you that the browser is about to change. While downloading freeware, if you are not aware of the installation, you will be surprised due to the browser modification.
So while installing and opting for the unwanted installers, you need to be more attentive. The new drivers of and Bytefence anti-virus hijacker will be hidden under quick installation if you have installed the software from a third-party tool such as Java or Adobe flash updates that is why they will fit at the back.

In the Browser, the Search Engine must not be left.

Bytefence promoted search engines are not legitimate, but Bytefence is legitimate. causes some issues according to the recent research are in the following.

The system’s settings are altered. is set as a default start page and a search provider because Bytefence injects it. Besides, it will install a web browser assistant; it will block the removal of its search.

Trojan/Win32. The generic file is related to

The third-party search engine will be initiating redirects to doubtful websites.

By installing cookies, it will be tracking people’s web browsing activities.

Immediately uninstall Bytefence bundled if you have installed it from third-party software which is including

Few methods to remove Bytefence from Windows OS

For Bytefence removal, there are two methods used. You can get rid of it automatically because mostly all of the security programs detected it as dangerous. And also, you can uninstall it automatically.

Method 1: Automatically Uninstall Bytefence

As the installer is missing from the list, most users reported that they could not uninstall Bytefence using the add/remove program service.

If this happens, you recommend switching to safe mode and installing a software removal tool reimage. To uninstall, Bytefence runs the setup file and sets the app.

You need to remove the virus and reset your web browsers as the software eliminates the anti-virus with its registries. After you finished, reboot the system to save the changes done.

Method 2: Manually Uninstall Bytefence

  • To open the task manager click Ctrl + Shift + Esc.
  • Search for the bytefence.exe process and then disable it.
  • Now press start then select settings click system apps and features.
  • Follow these steps if you are a Windows 8 user:
  • Search Bytefence then presses on it and clicks uninstall.
  • Press the arrow pointing down; it is the Window key.
  • Locate Bytefence then right-click on it next select uninstall.
  • Follow the steps if you are a Windows 10 user:
  • To start the removal, double click on Bytefence.
  • Click start or Windows key(it depends on the type of OS use) now type Regedit then enter.
  • Search and clear all registry entries which belong to Bytefence.

Now locate the files located in folders:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\\Software\\Microsoft\\Windows\\CurrentVersion\\Run\\eg ui
Now delete all Bytefence linked files in the folders below:
C:\\Program File\\ByteFence
C:\\Document and Settings\\%USER%\\ApplicationData\\ByteFence
C:\\Documents and Settings\\%USER%\\ApplicationData\\ByteFence

From your web browser, now delete plug-in, then default reset its settings.

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If you want to do it quickly and feel that you can’t do this alone, you are not experienced enough to uninstall this program. Then the solution is you need to prevent websites, ISP, and other websites from tracking you and recover all your lost files immediately.

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