How To Make Minecraft Run Faster On Windows 10

Minecraft may take a while loading sometimes but if it’s disrupting your performance, you should apply a few tricks on how to make Minecraft run faster. Many users complain that the game doesn’t properly run on some devices. So, to reduce lag and boost the game performance, here are some solutions that might work for you.

Before you start with these tricks, you should know that Minecraft, like any other game, comes with a specific configuration. It requires a minimum system and your device needs to meet all these requirements, starting from the latest JAVA to the hardware. Hence, before you follow these tips, you need to check for Minecraft’s minimum system requirements from the game’s official website.

The minimum OS requirement to play games like Minecraft is Windows 7. If you are using an updated version like Windows 10, you are supposed to have a better experience. Yet, many users end up having troubles and they search for the probable solutions on how to make Minecraft run faster on Windows 10. You might get a suitable solution for that too by following these tips shared below.

How To Make Minecraft Run Faster On A Bad Computer

How to make Minecraft run faster on windows 10

Step 1: Change Game Settings

To make Minecraft run faster on your device, you need to change the game settings. What we mean by changing the game settings is that you need to lower or turn off some of them. Here are the settings that you can turn off and lower to enjoy a seamless experience.

Choose default package: As the resource pack of the game is loaded into your RAM, the speed of the game has naturally reduced. Hence, you need to choose the default package, which will help you to boost the game speed while meeting your basic needs.

  1. Open Minecraft and click on the ‘Options’ button.
  2. A new tab opens up. Now, click on the ‘Resource Packs’ button.
  3. Click on the ‘Default’ button and then click ‘DONE’.
  4. Now, you can play the game to check the speed.

Lower the Video Settings

Complicated video settings can reduce game speed by making your device heavy. Hence, you need to set the video settings low or switch it off to increase the game speed.

  1. Click on the ‘Options’ button.
  2. As a new window opens up, click on the ‘Video Settings’ tab.
  3. Now, one by one, set Graphics as ‘Fast’, turn Smooth Lighting off, turn 3D Anaglyph off, turn Use VSync off, turn View Bobbing off, turn Clouds off, lower Max Framerate, change the Minecraft game resolution and turn off Sound in Minecraft.
  4. Once you have successfully modified the video settings, start the game and check.

Change the Minecraft Game Resolution

When you lower the game resolution, the window will appear smaller. However, it may increase your performance by boosting the game speed.

  1. Open Minecraft and click the menu button placed at the right top.
  2. Go to the Launch options, the Advanced settings, and then Add new.
  3. Add a new name and then click on the ‘Resolution’ button. Here, change the resolution as you wish and then, click ‘Save’.
  4. When you are back to the News tab, simply click on the arrow button that you’ll find right beside PLAY and choose the name you have added.
  5. Now, play the game and check.

Turn off Sound In Minecraft

Sound gives you an improved gaming experience but it can slow down the game speed. Hence, an easy way to boost the game speed is by turning off sound.

  1. Click on the ‘Options’ button.
  2. As a new window opens up, click on the ‘Music & Sounds’ tab.
  3. Turn it off and play the game to check.

How To Make Minecraft Run Faster On Old Laptop

Step 2: Optimizing Your Computer

For a faster and better gaming experience, you might need to optimize your device. Here are the six tips you can follow.

Give Minecraft more RAM

As we all know, RAM works as the temporary memory space between the CPU and the hard disk of your device. When you play a game, it is running in the RAM. Hence, giving your Minecraft more space in the RAM will boost the game speed. Here’s how you can do it.

  1. Press the Windows logo key + Pause key in your keyboard together. A window will pop up, which will show you the RAM space you have.
  2. Then, open Minecraft and click on the ‘Menu’ button at the top right.
  3. Go to the Launch options tab, the Advanced settings, and then Add new.
  4. After adding a new name, click on ‘JVM arguments’.
  5. Here, you can change Xmx2G into Xmx4G, which lets you increase the RAM space.
  6. Click ‘Save’ and come back to the ‘News’ tab.
  7. Click on the arrow button that you’ll find right beside PLAY and choose the name you have added.
  8. Click on the PLAY button and check the game speed.

Set Java As a Priority

If you are clueless about how to make Minecraft windows 10 run better, you should also know that JAVA is one of the initial requirements to play video games like Minecraft. Hence, you need to give it a priority to run the game smoothly.

  1. Open the Task Manager by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Esc together on your keyboard.
  2. Then, click on the ‘Details’ button that you’ll find as a new window pops up.
  3. Now, right-click on Java and choose ‘Set priority’ as ‘High’.

Close Unnecessary Programs

When multiple programs are running on your computer, it might have an impact on the Minecraft speed. Hence, you need to close all the unnecessary programs and check the speed.

  • To do this simple task, open Task Manager by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Esc together on your keyboard.
  • Choose the program you want to turn off and simply click ‘End Task’.

Plug Your Laptop Into a Power Source

If you are playing on a laptop, plugging it into a power source can increase the game speed. Sometimes, a low laptop battery can cause a low Minecraft speed since the GPU and CPU require enough power to run smoothly. If you don’t have a full battery, consider plugging your laptop into a power source.

Install the Latest Drivers

The outdated version of drivers or broken drivers of your graphics card might be the reason. Hence, keep your drivers updated always to play Minecraft and other games. You can either do it manually or automatically. The manual update requires a little computer skill as well as patience. It is time-consuming whereas the automatic update quicker.

For a manual update, you need to look for the correct driver online and install it from the authentic site following a few steps. For an automatic update, you can choose software like Driver Easy. What these drivers do is that they automatically recognize your system and then, help you find the correct drivers for your system. There are both free and pro versions of such software.

Consider Upgrading Your Device

If you are using an old device that is not updated to run Minecraft, the game speed will lower down automatically. Hence, it is also recommended to update your device for better performance.

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We hope the above tips will help you to boost Minecraft speed and let you enjoy a better performance in the game. Windows 10 is the recommended OS for playing Minecraft.

However, many users still face difficulties and they search for solutions on how to make Minecraft windows 10 edition run faster. If following all the above tips does not meet your goals, consider consulting an expert.

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