How To Unblur Course Hero on Chrome & Mac

Course Hero is a great platform for solving student queries. However, if you are facing difficulties in accessing it and searching for how to unblur Course Hero, this is the right page for you.

Here, we will try to give you all the probable solutions step by step to unblur answers on Course Hero.

Course Hero offers different courses from state and country-wide colleges and universities. When you access it, you get direct answers to your questions.

Be it your homework help or a simple query on some specific subject, it offers an excellent service to you. It works by searching for your answer from the most popular college assignments, which work as good prewritten solutions.

How to Unblur Course Hero

Course Hero claims that it works by providing you student resources and study guides. However, it works well for some content like math or accounting problems. For essays or research papers, you need to utilize the service depending upon your own research.

How To Unblur Course Hero Documents?

Solution 1: Unblur Course Hero Chrome Extension

  • Begin with browsing the Course Hero Website via your Google Chrome.
  • Then, you need to find the document you want to unblur.
  • Once you’ve found the content, simply highlight the portion that has been blurred.
  • Now, right-click on the highlighted portion and select on the ‘Inspect’ button.
  • On selecting the ‘Inspect’ button, a window will open up. There, you will find an anon-hide obscured ‘div’ tag.
  • Now, simply right-click on the tag and find the ‘Edit attribute’. Select it.
  • Finally, you need to type ‘none’ for the new ‘class’ element and reload the page.

How To Unblur Course Hero Documents

Solution 2: How To Unblur Course Hero On Mac

Begin with browsing the Course Hero Website via Mac.

Following the above steps, you should see the highlighted portion of the content unblurred. For those looking for a solution on how to unblur Course Hero on Mac, the processes are similar. If any changes occur in the future, we will update the post to keep you notified.

In this context, you should also know that some content may still not be unblurred as Course Hero has other policies of blurring content via images.

You cannot highlight text in the image. However, we can expect that this bug will be fixed soon.

Course Hero FAQs

Is the Course Hero Cheating?

Copyright infringement, plagiarism, or cheating of any kind is not encouraged by Course Hero. It is mentioned on their website that if anyone takes unfair advantage of the platform, the user will be permanently banned by the platform. It includes violating any law, regulation, ethics code, or school code such as submitting other people’s content as the user’s own.

Is Course Hero Really Free?

Course Hero isn’t totally free and the platform only provides a free trial per user. Creating a free account for all is possible but the free users won’t be able to read any answer. For the students at Cornell, there is access to homework problems, old tests, class notes, and textbook answers.

How Much Is a Course Hero a month?

For an annual membership, the estimation per month would be $9.95. The 3-month membership costs $19.95 per month and if you take 1-month membership, the cost is $39.95.

Is Course Hero or Chegg Better?

With more than 20 million user-generated course materials, Course Hero is really a useful platform. On the other hand, Chegg provides you millions of homework answers from almost 9,000 textbooks. The main difference is Chegg offers no practice problem feature which Course Hero does. Now, it’s ultimately up to you which one you prefer.

Video – How to Unblur Course Hero Account (Chrome & Mac)

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If you are unable to access Course Hero and wondering why the probable answer is that you need to subscribe to get its educational services. Presently, there are 3 pricing options on an annual, three months, and one-month basis.

Now that you know how to unblur text on Course Hero, try the tricks yourself. We hope the results will be successful in unblurring the content.

However, there are bugs that will possibly be fixed by Course Hero soon. We will try to update the post for further information.

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