How To Unmerge Layers In Photoshop?

Are you looking for a solution? Do you want to unmerge unwanted layers in photoshop? If you have merged layers in Adobe Photoshop CC, there are several ways you can pull them apart.

Now, You must be wondering how?

Using the Undo commands or the History panel, you have two choices for handling layers when you get your original project back.

By learning these methods, you can get the benefits of merging with no need to unmerge those layers later.

How To Unmerge Layers In Photoshop CS6?

how to unmerge layers in photoshop

Using the Undo Commands

Using the Undo Commands

These methods can help you have not done any changes to the projects after merging layers on photoshop. You can go to the Edit menu, select the Undo to merge for images, or Undo flatten for documents. Even you can press the undo shortcut that is CTRl+Z.

If you have made changes or taken actions in the file after merging the layers, you go back to the original by going to the Edit menu, choosing step backward, and clicking on it several times to reach the original documents.

You can also follow back by clicking ALT-CTRL Z. Make sure you need to click till the time you reach the original project.

Using the History Panel

Photoshop’s History panel is like bliss for graphic designers. Instead of continuously moving back one step at a time, go to the History panel from the Windows menu and then press on that step before merging the layers.
This method only works when you have finished your project in the current session; if you have saved it, you can not get the original file you are looking for.

Using the History Panel

Options for Merging or Flattening

Group Instead of Merge

Grouping layers into a folder lets you get so many advantages of merging while managing each layer intact. Do the Ctrl-click for each layer to the group in the Layers panel and then tap on the Folder icon. It puts all the layers into a separate folder that you can move up and down as per the Layers panel requirement and edit them every time. For working on a single layer in the folder, tap on the Arrow icon alongside the folder, and then choose that layer and for removing a layer from a folder, drag it out.

Merge Into a New Layer

Even Photoshop has a keyboard shortcut that helps merge all visible content into a new layer without touching the layers below it. For this method, you need to follow some steps.

  1. Press the Eye icon for those layers you don’t want to merge or hide them.
  2. To get a fresh layer with the merged content Click Ctrl-Alt-Shift-E.
  3. Mac users can click Command-Option Shift-E.
  4. Press the Eye icons to understand the hidden layers visible again.
  5. For getting the merged to hide files without deleting them from your file, press the Eye icons alongside the layers.

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