How to View Drafts on Facebook Mobile?

More than 1 billion people use Facebook every day. It has become an integral part of our daily lives and we use it for many different purposes. Facebook is the most popular social networking site in the world. Messages can be sent to friends and other people who are not connected to your account as well as to your thoughts, photos, videos, links, and events.

Members can be added to groups, updates can be posted, videos and pictures can be uploaded, and even items can be sold.

The “Liking” feature allows you to track what your friends have been posting on their pages. If your friends like something you’ve posted, then you will be notified.

If you want to see what your friends have liked, then you should go to their profile and click on the Like button. The same thing applies if you want to check out what your friends have commented on. Click on the Comments tab.

If you want to know what your friends have shared on their walls, then you need to visit their wall. To do this, simply type in the name of the person whose wall you want to visit.

To find out more about how to use Facebook, please read through the following article.

How to View Drafts On Facebook Mobile?

After you open the app, tap on the menu icon at the top right corner of the screen. Choose Settings from the menu.

  1. Tap on General once you’ve selected Settings. Scroll down until you reach it.
  2. Tap on Account, then Privacy, then Edit Friends List. A new window will open. Scroll down until you find the Edit Friends List, and tap on it.
  3. In this window, tap on Add Friend. Enter the email address of the friend whom you wish to add. After entering his/her email address, tap on Next.
  4. After tapping on Next, you will be asked to enter the password of the friend whom you would like to add. Enter the password and tap on Save Password.
  5. Scroll down to Messages and tap on it, then choose Show All from the drop-down menu. Once you’ve saved the password, you’ll be taken back to the main settings page.
  6. You will now find Send & Receive at the bottom. Tap on that. You will see a window with a New Message option.
  7. Tap on Write a message in the new window that appears. Type the text that you would like to write. Don’t forget to include the @ symbol before typing the name of the friend you want to contact.
  8. A notification will be sent to your friend immediately after you press Send.
  9. Your friend may choose to accept the message or decline it. If he/she accepts the message, then he/she will receive a notification in his/her inbox.

If your friend declines the message, then you will receive a notification informing you that he/she declined your request.

How to Delete Drafts On Facebook Mobile?

The first step is again to open up the app and tap on the menu icon. Then select Settings. Scroll down until you reach General and tap on it.

Scroll down until you find Accounts. Tap on it. Then scroll down until you find the Edit Profile. Tap on it. Finally, scroll down until you see the Delete Account. Tap on it to delete your account.

FAQs – How to View Drafts on Facebook

Q1. What are draft messages?

A. Draft messages are those messages which you send but haven’t yet sent. You can also call them unsent messages.

Q2. How do I view my drafts on Facebook mobile?

A. You can view your drafts by opening the app and selecting Settings. Scroll down until the privacy section appears. There, you can check if there are any drafts waiting for you to send.


There are myriad features available on Facebook, such as chat rooms, groups, events, games, and a lot more that has made it a popular social networking site around the world.

Facebook is widely used, but not everyone knows how to use it effectively. This is why we have created this guide.

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