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The topic of today’s article is Kibho Coin. It is an MLM company that is frequently in the news. Many people have researched and reviewed this company. We will provide you with all the information you need about this company. You won’t need to look anywhere else after reading this article. We will discuss its products, business plans, income plans, and its advantages and disadvantages in detail. Tell us what you think of this business.

What is a Kibho coin?

This is a type of MLM company with a cryptocurrency component called Kibho coin. Its real and full name is Bmmu and Kibho Technologies Pvt Ltd. It is also known by its name. There is a company called Kibho Coin, which has its own coin that people know by the name Kibho Coin. This company is registered with MCA. Its main office is in Visakhapatnam.

KM Venkatrao and Nirmala Kilaparthi are the current directors of this company, which was formed on 28 May 2020. Kibho coin is a new company now, which people have less faith in. It is constantly growing in today’s time, and many people are joining it, and many people are hesitating to join it.
The company claims to have a variety of products, such as K xchange and online wallets. Other people are calling this company a fraud on the internet. If you are interested in joining it, you need to obtain all the details of the company first. If you find it genuine, you can join it, but if it seems fraudulent, you should not join it. Let’s examine the company’s profile in more detail.

Kibho Coin Company Profile

To join any company, you must first gather information about the company and learn what it is currently doing and why it is doing it. When did the company begin? You should seek this information. If you get the right information and like the company, then you can join it. Let’s check its profile to see if it’s a scam or not.

Corporate Identification Number (CIN) U28999AP2020PTC114616
Product Categories Kirana store product, Cryptocurrency
Head office Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh
Incorporation Date 28 May 2020
Status Active
Company Website

Kibho Product & Joining

In this company, there isn’t much product. It only has one product. The company is run by Ak Ho products, which is why its value is continuously increasing. We will examine further how you can join through this company. At the moment, the price of crypto is going down a lot. To join them, it is very easy. First of all, you must go to their official website. The registration process requires you to provide some personal information, such as your name, address, occupation, and phone number.

It is possible to contact their official associate if you still don’t understand what to do. If you wish to earn money from their business plan, then you may want to become an Associate. If you wish to earn another type of income, you must become an Associate. To become an associate, you must purchase the company’s products, which means you must purchase crypto coins.

In order to buy this coin, it is very important to have both a Kibho coin wallet and a Trust wallet. It is up to you how hard you work if you wish to make money by joining them. If you work hard, then you can make money through this. Let us know more about Kibho’s income plan. The only way you can show your willingness to join their program is by understanding their income plan very well.

Kibho Income Plan

In this way, you can earn money from Kibho Coin’s income plan model, in which it pays its distributors, that is, money for their work. Let’s examine what are Kibho Coin’s income plans. The company has only four income plans, about which we will tell you in the following paragraph, though every company has more than four types of income plans, but only four types of income plans exist in this company.

1. Ad View Income

This is the first type of income of kibho coin in which you can earn money by watching ads of others. A company will show ads every day that you have to watch. If you watch the ads completely, you will receive two kibho coins. Both types of income are given Stackable coins, some of which are in the form of national currency. Let’s take a look at its second income.

2. Referral Mining Income

It is another type of kibho coin income called referral mining income, for which you must join someone in your downline in order to earn it. Joining would be making an Associate, which means you’ll need to get others to invest Rs.500 as well. You get this income till you reach the 25th position in your downline. It gives you some Kibho coins in return.

You receive this income from the company under different rules. Depending on whether your downline is from your city or another state, you will receive different types of income percentages. The 150 kibho coin is given if you belong to the same city and the same area, while the 75 kibho coin is given if you belong to another city.

3. Purchase Mining Income and Gift

The income is earned when you buy goods from Kibho Mart. If you buy goods, you get a 20% discount. If you make 65 Associates through this, you get a brand new smartphone.

You can receive a bike as a gift if you make 132 Associates. If you continue to work like this, you can receive a car gift on a specific Associate. Let’s look at the earnings of this company. It is possible to earn money in this company or any company if you work hard.

4. Additional Benefits

As a bonus, this company will give you 500 Kibho coins if you make 25 downlines directly below you. The company offers additional income if you have 25 downlines. The company provides you with Kibho coins on top of your hard work. Let us try to learn more about this company. Next, we will discuss the Purchase Mining Offer.

What is a Purchase Mining Offer?

This is such an offer in which you are given some percentage of coin in exchange for buying any item. It’s similar to cashback in that the coins or gifts are sent directly to your account once you purchase the goods. Various gifting methods for discounts are available through which you can earn money.
buy direct grocery items in exchange of kibho coin

A model of this type has never been offered in India before. It allows you to purchase goods with 100% cash coins. You can buy stuff in exchange for coins. You can also buy stuff with your Indian currency. You can also pay the tax imposed by the Indian government on crypto transactions. In this way, you can purchase goods.

What is Kibho Marts Extension India?

This means that this mart has been spread throughout India. Out of which it is being started from 30 legislative areas. It has not made any plans about how it will open its mart in the future, but it has created a specific kind of group or team to open the mart. The company leader appoints the team, and they tell him how to design the mart. This way, he can hire the right and good team.

Should I join Kibho or not?

The following things need to be taken care of before you join the Kibho coin. This company is not doing fraud, but it has been labelled as fraud all over the internet, which is false. The first thing you need to do before joining this company is to do some research about it.

This type of company makes big promises first, but then runs away with your money. This has been wrongly written everywhere, so according to this it is a fraud. We have told you about this type of company, but you do not have to join it in greed just because you are happy. Many scams have been revealed about this company.

You do not have to join any company just like that, you have to first understand that it is not a fraud, you should take full care of it. Otherwise, this type of company sometimes runs away by doing fraud. This is a fraud company, you do not have to join it.

Benefits of Kibho coin

Every company has advantages and disadvantages, let’s first talk about the advantages of this company, after that come over its disadvantages. Following are its advantages.

  • It claims to be a big company. It is going to spread all over India. This makes it a good opportunity if you want to do something in life.
  • This develops personality in you if you join an MLM company.
  • This is a crypto related product and crypto just came new in the market due to which you can understand the chances of its growth.
  • In this you can work anytime and earn any amount of money.

Disadvantages of Kibho Coin

There are many disadvantages of Kibho coin, about which we tell one by one, its disadvantages are as follows –

  • It is spreading all over the internet in the name of a fraud company.
  • This is an MLM company because of which very few people trust it.
  • You do not get monthly income in this. If you are looking for this then you should not join it.
  • In this you have to work very hard in the beginning. After that you get income.


As part of this, we discussed every aspect of the company. We talked about things like the company plan, income plan, business plan, product, and joining process. If you have any questions, you can call their customer service. To begin with, you should understand why you want to join the company. If your requirements are met, then you should join, otherwise you should not.

Important questions (FAQs) related to Kibho Coin

When has kibho coin started?

This company was started on 28 May 2020.

What is the product of kibho coin?

It has only one main product in which there is only and only Cryptocoin which is known as kibho coin.

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