10 Best Loom Video Recorder Alternative of 2021

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We rely on computers almost every day. Using our computer or the Internet gives us access to a lot of information that we wish to keep for the future. We may wish to store videos, images, or documents.

Social media is another way computers are used, in addition to creating tutorials. Pen Drives are used for recording computer-based classes.

We find a lot of worthwhile information on the web, there is no doubt about it. Unfortunately, the information cannot be downloaded or saved.

Whenever you see information on the internet, screen-recording can be a viable option for preserving that information.

For video recording and upload to an online video service or to show friends, screen recording is your only option.

In the current environment, most of our work is done from home. It is required to use a recording tool to record your presentations, projects, or other files. Screen recording is also an effective way of recording presentations, projects, or other files.

If you would like to record a video call and store it for later use on your computer, you can do so by using screen recording.

Mac OS by default does not include a screen recorder, so screenshots must be captured using third-party software.

We have chosen the best screen recorder for PCs out of the many that you can choose from.

Loom – The Ultimate Tool

It can be used on both Windows and Mac platforms, Loom is an excellent video sharing tool. The Loom application lets you record the screen, the microphone, the audio, and the desktop simultaneously.

Videos saved to your computer can be shared across many platforms and saved directly. This program is free.

There are several categories of Loom users. If you’re just getting started, you can record for a maximum of five minutes at a time.

For educational purposes, you can make videos for as long as 45 minutes with Loom.

Depending on whether you work in an office or are a businessman, watching the video could take up to six hours. The Loom feature separates the categories for users to sort through.

In addition to recording screencasts, you can edit them on Loom. Trimming and merging videos are possible with the Loom software. Adding sound and screenshots to recorded videos is made possible through Loom, which lets you take screenshots.

A Chrome extension allows users to share media and files using Loom. Your video content can be built and shared on any platform with the help of Loom.

Loom enables you to accomplish work-related and fun-related tasks with minimum effort. It is easy to share videos with coworkers, family, friends, and colleagues for the required purpose.

A number of apps offer similar functionality with a few added extras. This is not unique to Looom. Throughout this article, we will discuss which Loom alternatives are most useful.

Best Loom Alternatives – Our Top Pick

CloudApp: Best Loom Alternatives for Mac, Windows, Chrome, and iOS

CloudApp allows you to edit and record screenshots. Any action you take can be recorded.

The length of your GIFs is up to you. Video and GIF sharing is now available on many social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Make sure screenshot annotations keep to the point.

  • It is compatible with a number of platforms and operating systems. The recording quality is exceptional as well.
  • Its annotation feature is a highlight of this product, as mentioned previously. You can blur, add emojis, and add text boxes.
  • Cloud storage is another way of uploading webcam recordings.
  • CloudApp costs nothing but you can only record for 90 seconds at a time. You will need to purchase the premium version if you want to record more than 15 minutes.

In this app, there are issues with the user interface. Because the UI isn’t beginner-friendly, it can be a challenge for new users to get used to it.

Key Features of CloudApp

  • The screen is recorded immediately.
  • In the app, there is an annotation tool.
  • Documents can be sent directly from business tools like Slack and Trello.
  • The mouse cursor is highlighted whenever a click is made.

FastStone Capture

  • Among the most powerful screen recording tools available on the internet is FastStone Capture. Despite being very light, it offers a lot of features, and it can do anything related to its job. The screen can be easily captured or recorded and annotated.
  • Recording all screen contents and functions, including mouse clicks and audio, is also possible.
  • Each video is very compressed.
  • An immediate output option and a capture tool are available from a small capture panel in the software. All computers have hotkeys for activating the screen recording tool.

FastStone records your screen partially, making it unique among screen recorders.

Alternatively, you can capture a rectangle or freehand in a rectangular area.

Key Features of FastStone Capture

  • You can record only what you want with this resizable screen ruler.
  • There are several colors available for eye droppers.
  • Certain situations call for the use of capture panels.
  • Lightweight and extremely powerful.


The flashback   comes as a complete package. Screen recording and video recording are both available. The best screen recording alternative to Loom is Flashback.

  • Directly recording the screen is possible with it. The screen can be recorded with any browser, website, webcam, or microphone.
  • For professional presentations, the recordings can also be edited and further refined. Moreover, you can add custom highlights and captions.
  • Following that, you can upload your videos directly to YouTube or Flashback Connect, as desired.
  • It is common for screen recorders to record presentations, lectures, YouTube videos, how-to videos, demo videos, etc.

For these specific reasons, you could record your screen with Flashback.

In addition, this software has several other useful features. The software also supports simultaneous recording of multiple screens from multiple devices.

Screencasts can be narrated like a tutorial. These features come at a cost. For that reason, Flashback is not included in our freeware.

Key Features of Flashback

  • Tools that are decent for editors.
  • Additionally, there are narration videos available.
  • Database changes are summarized or displayed in this file.
  • Creating presentations is easy with this program.

OBS Studio

OBS Studio may be used to live stream video and video games. Both desktop and laptop computers may be used for streaming.

  • A product that focuses heavily on performance, it is one of the highest-performing software products available. Live audio and video can be captured and mixed using this product.
  • An application feature is a custom transition. You can seamlessly switch between different scenes with custom transitions.
  • An audio mixer is included in this editing tool. You can apply gates and suppress noise to them. Your audio can be controlled in any way you like.
  • Several configuration options are available as well. You can also duplicate existing sources and change their priority, in addition to adding new sources.

Aside from its free nature, this software has a user-friendly settings panel that lets you customize it to meet your needs. It also has a reasonable user interface.

Key Features of OBS Studio

  • Workflows are straightforward and simple.
  • It is free to use open-source software.
  • Video is encoded using AAC and x264.
  • A wide range of audio settings and options that are simply amazing.


It is highly recommended that you download ScreenFlow (Download Here) as an alternative to Loom. It is capable of recording video and screencasting.

Video and audio can be recorded simultaneously on the computer. Custom titles can be added to the video recordings.

  • The app’s screening tool allows you to add screenshots quickly.
  • You can also publish your work to other platforms via the quick-time movie feature in addition to video and screenshots.
  • Audio and video can be recorded simultaneously by the software, as mentioned earlier. Also available are video filters, multi-app recording, and professional-looking videos.
  • The features of ScreenFlow are numerous. You can even record when you have multiple screens open at once with this screen recorder, which is among the best in the market. This software has a simplified interface, as opposed to our first example.

Editing software is provided by this app. In the app, users can create animations of any graphics, texts, or logos, and share them across various social media platforms. The following features are available in ScreenFlow.

Key Features of ScreenFlow

  • A streamlined approach to media management.
  • For animated animations, GIF and PNG export options are available.
  • Software with powerful editing capabilities.
  • An interface that is easy to use.
  • Closed captioning is available.

Kazam Screencaster

Screencaster Kazam is known for its video designing. Kazam lets you record your computer screen and save the contents. It is a straightforward and intuitive program.

  • From the recorded file, you can play video files. Recordings can be made on any device that is capable of recording sounds or any program that is compatible with PulseAudio.
  • Kazam supports multiple operating systems, which provides it with a high degree of flexibility. The application is very simple to use despite its powerful features.

You can start or pause recording with a variety of keyboard shortcuts.

Key Features of Kazam

  • There are many ways to record screens.
  • You can easily take a screenshot of your screen.
  • Video files in the mp4 format can be easily played.
  • There is a great deal of benefit to keyboard shortcuts.

Cam Studio

AVI video files consist of all the screen activities and audio activities on the computer, which can be converted into Cam Studio files later for playback.

Using it for work or school projects, or creating demonstration videos, is a great option.

Among Cam Studio’s features are the ability to add captions and annotations to video in seconds, as well as the ability to add on-screen captions. As the producer, you are entirely responsible for your output, which is entirely controlled by Cam Studio.

Alternatively, you can reduce the resolution or quality of the recorded screen if you are worried about occupying a lot of space on your device. It is possible to record any part of a screen or just a section of it, as well as choose custom cursors. We have found this ability to be very useful.

The user interface of this program is straightforward. CamStudio is also totally free, which is another great quality.

Key Features of Cam Studio

  • You can use it free of charge.
  • Your choice of the screen ratio determines whether you can record or capture part of a screen.
  • You can create videos using a webcam.
  • Screen notes and captions are pretty easy to add.


The process of recording our desktop with Loom was difficult for all of us. The process of recording screens has become easier now that there is an easier way to do it. Use social media to share the screen recording link, or send it by email.

The screen can be captured by clicking up, including web tabs and applications. By attaching an audio tool to the app, you can use it to clearly communicate your message.

Open the link in your browser after recording the videos if you wish to share them with others. After recording the videos, you will see them in your browser.

Watching the video does not require downloading anything. You can also collaborate at the workplace with it.

Key Features of Click-up

  • A collaborative environment for teams.
  • Fluid communication.
  • They are both good, regardless of whether you use the paid or free versions.
  • The user interface is well-designed and functions well.

TechSmith Capture (Formerly Jing)

For Windows users, TechSmith Capture is another screen capture option to consider other than Loom.

With this program, you can record videos and capture screenshots. From the videos, you can make a screencast that can be shared with anybody.

An operating system such as this has a very simple interface and a reasonable level of functionality. Jing also offers many customization possibilities.

You can easily record a portion of your screen instead of recording the whole screen. Recording a particular percentage of your screen is certainly a very useful feature.

Despite being good and handsome, Jing has some issues, including stuttering and freezing.

These things can lead to data loss if they occur between recordings, but no data should be lost. A screen recorder program is available for PCs that is efficient and fast.

Key Features of Jing

  • A simplified process makes it easier to add more images.
  • Sharing online is possible instantly.
  • Mac and Windows platforms are both supported.
  • Powerful and lightweight screen recorder with an easy-to-use interface.

FAQs on Loom Alternatives 2021

How reliable is the loom site?

There are over 120k companies worldwide that trust Loom. Loom’s video messaging helps engineers, salespeople, marketers, and designers communicate at work all the time.

What if I am not connected to the Internet while using loom?

You would still be able to record an loom even if your internet connection was weak. Tell us how you intend to use this feature after you vote!

LOOM has a free recording period of how long?

You may create videos up to 5 minutes long if you’re a Loom Starter user. The time limit is 45 minutes for Education users. Your video will continue to record for up to six hours if you’re a Business or Enterprise user. Have a question, comment, concern?


This article compares the best Loom alternatives. You might be familiar with Looper as a PC application. The alternative, however, is not ideal. Many of our recommended apps excel at their various departments and jobs in our list.

They range from the most basic to the most advanced. All of them have advantages and disadvantages.

There are even some apps that require money to unlock and cost money to download. Meanwhile, there are numerous free apps on the market.

It is possible to invest money in some extra features, or use free apps that provide all the necessary functions, but lack certain features.

The final decision lies with you. You can use this overview to get a good idea of what’s happening.

This article will give you the information you need. Keep going.

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