Octosniff – Best IP Sniffer for PlayStation, Xbox & PC 2023

Unlike Linux, Mac OS, or Linux-based operating systems, OctoSniff only runs on Windows.

OctoSniff lets you monitor all traffic going through your network and control it from your own computer. The information about the packets, such as where they originate and why they are present, is obtained with the help of sophisticated algorithms. The company currently has over 30k customers who are happy with whatever they order from it.

In many ways, Wireshark is similar to this tool, but it offers many more advanced algorithms and features. OctoVPN is specialized in DDoS protection and network packet research and developed by the company behind OctoVPN.

With this application, users can determine information about other players they are playing with through network research. Currently, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PlayStations 4/3/PS5 are compatible with it. This makes it an excellent tool for sniping because it has many features.

A Description of the Octosniff Xbox Resolver

In addition to being one of the top Xbox resolving and IP sniffing tools, Octosniff is loaded with useful features.

Octosniff has some incredible gaming features you’ll wish you had known about sooner.

Filters for packets that are both advanced and powerful

With Octosniff, you will have access to a wide range of advanced and powerful packet filters. The option to find games without worrying if any updates are needed. Using its advanced filters, the user is automatically able to identify packets without causing any problems. You can determine which packet comes from which game by checking the Xbox chat or the IP address of the game server.

An easy-to-use interface that is extremely user friendly

Since the GUI is so easy to understand, even non-techy users can get a very good understanding of what’s happening.

You can locate all the packets you require using the super-friendly GUI interface. The tool doesn’t only make detection and sorting effortless, it has very powerful dynamic filtering methods that are very easy to use.

A Powerful and Advanced Xbox Resolver

The Microsoft Resolver decryption tool is one of the fastest and most advanced tools to decrypt packets of IPs, both of the Game servers and the Xbox chat. Using Xbox decryption, players can also get their IP addresses and usernames with PS4 decryption at no additional cost.

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More Features

As it comes with a powerful and optimized VPN solution, it takes care of all privacy and security issues.

  • Support for Wired & Wireless Spoofing: It works exactly the same whether the player is connected via a wired network or via a wireless connection. Both connections work without any problems.
  • In this feature, it detects the player’s location by resolving its IP address.
  • Once a player’s IP address is recognized by a tool – either anonymously or by their username – it can be changed with ease.
  • The package comes with an ARP Spoofer that can spoof packets.
  • This feature provides detailed information about the player, including ISP and country information.
  • It is compatible with all gaming gadgets.
  • Users can even search for each other by usernames in the Lobby.


OctoSniff – FAQs

How does Octo-sniff work?

There are no industrial uses for this tool; it exists only for research purposes. Puller for Xboxes and PlayStations.

Is the I.P. Octo-sniff is a Safe Puller Tool?

It is 100% safe to use Octo-sniff. It is completely untrue that it is malware or a virus. Aside from being simple to use, the tool contains no harmful ingredients.

Is there a better IP Puller?

One of the only tools that perform well and gives accurate results among the many available on the Internet is octosniff. You can check out more about this one on our page.

What to do if you want to check your IP address On Xbox One?

You can use the following tool to find out your Xbox or PlayStation IP. You can get a free address.

Octo-sniff tools are free of charge?

We provide it for free for educational purposes, but the octosniff costs you money.

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