How To Cheat With Respondus Lockdown Browser 2023

You are reading this post probably because you have searched online how to bypass Respondus Lockdown Browser. Well, then this post might be useful as it attempts to provide you with some tips and tricks to serve your purpose.

Respondus Lockdown Browser has been one of the pioneers of online testing applications in the USA. Per year, almost 100 million online exams use this browser to maintain integrity during online testing programs. The application basically works as a proctor to strictly prevent cheating during exams.

How To Cheat With Respondus Lockdown Browser

Before we explain the hacking tricks, let us explain how you can access this browser.

How to Access Respondus Lockdown Browser?

How to Access Respondus Lockdown Browser

First, you need to download the lockdown browser and install it successfully in your device. The application is available for both Mac and Windows so that most of the students can use it. If your institution requires a lockdown browser particularly for an online exam, they will provide you with a joining link.

  • Once you have installed the lockdown browser, the icon is supposed to appear on your Windows Desktop or Mac Application folder. Double click on the icon and open it. If you are a Windows user, you can also open it from Start > All Programs > Respondus LockDown Browser.
  • After opening, the login page will open where you need to provide proper credentials (username and password).
  • After logging in, you can select your course and exam.
  • Also, if you are logging in using the joining link, you will be directed to the exam without any need to navigate anything.
  • Now, start your exam by clicking on the ‘Start Exam’ button.

How to Bypass Lockdown Browser

How To Cheat With Respondus Lockdown Browser

To help you with the Respondus lockdown browser bypass tricks, below are some ways explained step by step. Said that we want to give you the disclaimer that we are not responsible for any outcome and neither do we encourage examination malpractice. If you agree with it, scroll down.

Step 1: Using Alt+Tab

You can easily switch between windows by using Alt+Tab and this trick can help you to get the information for your examination answers. After you copy the information, pasting it in the answers will serve the purpose.

  • By holding the Alt key on your keyboard, tap on the Tab key. It will display you small boxes of other opened browsers.
  • Now, you need to go to the search panel and then search for anything you want.
  • Copy the desired portion from the result.
  • Again hold the Alt key and tap on the Tab key to come back to the exam tab.
  • Paste the copied portion in your answer box.

Step 2: Using Desktop.exe

This amazing executable file helps you to create four virtual desktops to run multiple applications, only if you are a Windows user.

  • You can easily use this file extension to bypass MAP testing lockdown and other online exams.
  • Once you have downloaded Desktop.exe, you can assign hotkeys to switch between them.
  • Here, you must ensure you run this file before any lockdown program starts.

Step 3: Using Another Device

This step requires no elaborate explanation as all you need to do is secure another device as your source of information.

  • The device you choose can be a smartphone, tab, laptop, or desktop.
  • However, choosing a discrete smartphone can be a smart choice as it can be easily placed below your screen.
  • You can also connect your phone to an external mouse with the help of an OTG connector.
  • Navigating will be much easier when you use the mouse to browse your smartphone.

Step 4: Using the Virtual Machine

bypass lockdown browser virtual machine

Using a virtual machine, you can easily run multiple applications in your computer since VM allows you to run multiple OS within one system. Some of the renowned VM software are Oracle VM and MS Dreamspark (for Windows 8).

  • Once you install a VM, you need to also install the edit registry.
  • It will make the virtual machine look like a real machine.
  • Then, simply use your real OS for the test and the virtual one for hacking.

However, you can also choose to run the Respondus Lockdown Browser in a VM.

Step 5: Using the Second User on Mac:

For the students using MAC, here is how to get around the respondus lockdown browser.

  • First, you need to create another user on your Mac with a new password (not more than six letters).
  • Then, you need to install Keyboard Maestro Editor, which is till date the best software when it comes to macOS automation.
  • Now, for better convenience, you can create a Macro to trigger the switch faster.
  • To do it, click on View, then Macros, then Record Macro.
  • Set a Macro name and click Button.
  • Finally, when you are giving an online exam, trigger a fast switch to browse anything without letting anyone know.

Here, it is important to know that unless you also create a Macro for a fast user switch in the second user, you won’t be able to switch to the lockdown browser and paste the copied portion of the answer.

Respondus Lockdown Browser FAQ

Is there a way around a lockdown browser?

Yes, there are multiple ways that we have explained above. However, you need to know that the system is more careful than you think and it can flag you for your suspicious behavior anytime.

Does Respondus LockDown Browser record you?

Yes, it does record both the video and audio. What Respondus Lockdown Browser basically does is that it uses your webcam to monitor your eyes very well. It can detect easily when you look at another screen or leave the computer for long.

What does the Respondus LockDown Browser do?

Respondus LockDown Browser is a customized browser that acts as a Procter while you are giving an online exam. It restricts you to copy, print, access another URL or other applications during the exam.

How does Respondus LockDown Browser detect cheating?

It detects cheating on the exam while monitoring the movement of your eyes via your webcam. The software is very intelligent and can easily detect behaviors that could indicate cheating.

What does LockDown browser have access to?

Lockdown browsers can have access to the device you use (usually a computer or tablet) while giving an online exam. It locks down the browser on your device to detect cheating.

Can you cheat on the respondus monitor?

It’s very unusual that the software will allow you to cheat. It is so well programmed that it can go back to the previous exams to see if similar behavior occurred when a student is suspected of cheating on the ongoing exam.

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Based on extensive research, we have presented some of the most accurate ways of bypassing Respondus Lockdown Browser.

These tips might work for you when you follow them accordingly. If you are a Mac user, you need to follow the tricks suitable for Mac and the same goes for Windows. We will update the post if we discover any new tricks in the future.

However, trying them on your own responsibility is what we can recommend since we do not encourage examination malpractice.

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