How to Find Deleted Tweets 2023

If you twitter regularly, follow celebrities, or yourself a star, you may have understood the sensitivity of tweets. If you have removed any tweet unintentionally or had to delete it for any purpose, well, but you can not get it again to your profile.

However, it is not precisely challenging not to notice it again by other means. In this blog, we will reveal some ways to see removed tweets once again.

The primary thing I want you to be sure about is. Unfortunately, you can not retrieve the deleted tweets, but you can see related tweets that others have published.

If you want to search for someone’s removed tweets or Trump’s deleted tweets, it becomes challenging for you to find them until you find related posts.

How to Find Deleted Tweets

Search on Twitter Website

As I have stated earlier, it is doubtful that you can get the deleted tweets, but you can search on google to get the similar or specific text by putting the text in “….”.

If you need google to discover that text on the Twitter website, add the website address before the text, for instance, I lost my tweets.

Deleted Tweets Website

One approach is to view and recover the deleted tweets is to search for them in the website that then packed and archived millions of tweets like

You can go to the kind of site and type in the deleted tweets text in their search bar. You can also find particular account archives by putting the username after the website name with a slash, such as

Twitter Archive Data

You may not be aware that Twitter continuously archives its users’ tweets, and you can quickly locate them with some simple steps.

  • Step 1: Sign in your Twitter account.
  • Step 2: Tap on your profile icon and select Settings and privacy from here.
  • Step 3: In the Account division, open Twitter data. Insert your password to verify once again.
  • Step 4: Find the ‘Request archive’ option and tap on it.
  • Step 5: Twitter will itself provide an archive, and an email notification will get delivered to you. It will release on the same email ID with which your account has made.
  • Step 6: Open the mail you have got and tap on the ‘Download Now’ option. A zipped folder will get downloaded.
  • Step 7: Select the folder. Find ‘index.html’ here, and you can discover all your tweets along with deleted tweets.

It is one of the ways you can view deleted tweets once again. Easy, right?

You can go to the Wayback Machine.

Wayback Machine provides an online service that saves all the data even from the time the website had formed. You need to add the address of the site and go to the deleted tweets.

  • Step 1: copy or add the address of Twitter in the search tab on the home page.
  • Step 2: Search outcomes have shown in the calendar form. Just tap on the date, and you will need to take to Twitter. Make sure you have logged in to get removed tweets.

If you cannot work well with Wayback machine, try Wayback Machine alternatives and quickly see the deleted tweets.

Go for Use Snapbird

It can be considered as an alternative approach to see deleted tweets on Twitter. This website is very cool as its homepage allows you to view your timeline, likes, tweets that mention you, direct messages, and your buddies’ tweets.

The tool provides you tremendous scope to view removed tweets by just putting the username in the account. It is a very unique and convenient approach to see deleted messages.

However, tweets mentioning you and direct messages sent to you could only have seen if the premium feature is applicable. Hence, you can update your account for similar purposes.

Google Cache

Another quick and straightforward way to see deleted tweets is to find what has stored in your Google cache. For that you need to: > enter (your username + twitter) > tap on the black inverted sign by the name and click Cached.

It will provide you the results of removed tweets, and you can view all these deleted tweets quickly. You have to make sure you have not cleared your cache; it might be challenging to find the deleted tweets.

Using Politwoops

Politwoops is a tool that saves all tweets made by politicians’ parties. If you need to view deleted tweets from a political party, then this tool will work excellent.

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