How To Stop Avast Browser From Opening On Startup

How To Stop The Avast Browser From Opening On Startup

Avast browser is the successor of the safe zone browser and a by-product of Avast Cybersecurity Company. Avast browser is a safe and fast speed browser that has a lot of safety features. But people don’t like the way it gets installed and remains persistent during startup.

Many find it irritating and want to know how to stop the avast browser from opening on startup.

Before we see the solution to this issue, first, let’s see why this problem occurs.

Why Does Avast Browser Automatically Open on Startup?

how to stop avast browser from opening on startup

Some people are not aware that when they buy avast products, the avast browser also gets installed. And they did not observe that they have unintentionally allowed the browser to get launched automatically and accept the avast browser as their default browser, which is why users get this issue whenever they start their devices.

Although the avast browser is a good browser, most users like to use other browsers’ you find that your computer slowdowns after booting to Windows, disabling Avast Secure Browser on startup can significantly increase your working system’s rate.

Disable Avast Browser On Startup

Several challenges need to be addressed, and in this blog, we will learn some simple and easy ways that will help you to stop this irritating feature.

Tactic 1

  1. The first thing you have to do is to check on the startup applications. You can also go for a task manager for navigating the startup tab.
  2. Once you get the Avast browser on the list, you can click on it and select the disable option.
  3. Doing the above action will ensure that the Avast browser is no longer able to launch itself when you are on your PC.
  4. It is a simple and easy way to get rid of the Avast browser.

Tactic 2

  1. Open the Avast browser on your device.
  2. On the upper right side of the screen, you will see a hamburger icon.
  3. Just tap on it and go to the settings where you will get an option on startup in the dropdown menu.
  4. When you click on the launch avast secure browser automatically starts, turn off the slider, and voila currently, you have disabled the browser.

Uninstalling Avast Antivirus

If you do not want to go with the above two tactics, you can uninstall the Avast Antivirus.

Tactic 1

  1. Go to the control panel and click on the program and features option.
  2. Then there will be an option of uninstalling a program, select the option.
  3. Find the avast free antivirus from the options that will appear. Once you get the option, click on the change button.
  4. A configuration pop-up will appear, deselect the browser option, and now your system is free from the antivirus.

Tactic 2

  1. You can also remove the antivirus by using the removal tool. You have to log in to the window as an authorized administrator.
  2. You have to make sure that no other antivirus software or application is working in the background.
  3. Now, download the avast uninstall utility and save it in a location where you can find it easily.
  4. Once you have saved it, click right on it and choose the Run as administrator option in the menu that will appear.
  5. A pop-up window will appear and ask you to allow, select yes, and remove all the browsing data for deleting your profile data.

Once you have done, tap on the uninstall option when a prompt appears and wait for some time. Now, the avast antivirus has been removed.

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Wrap up

In this blog, we have seen different tactics for removing avast default browsers, and I hope this blog has answered your question of how to stop the avast browser from opening on startup.

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