The 5 Most Secure Email Providers In the World (2023)

Most Secure Email Providers 2023 – A large majority of users have free email accounts with Google or Yahoo, some of which date back several years, and many have tried and liked their features and functionality.

Many users are unable to comprehend the risks of less protected email providers since they feel they have nothing to hide. Many view the probability that someone will even see your email as insignificant.

Although you may not have anything to hide, it doesn’t mean that you should disregard any form of email protection. Companies like Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook deliver their email data to the US government without hesitation.

In addition to this, what many users don’t realize is that when you create a Gmail account, Google is able to read your emails for keywords. Google uses this practice to show you product-oriented ads based on the information found in all of your emails.

However, Gmail and Yahoo do not offer the highest level of security. There are many other providers that offer even better security protection.

They offer much better security and encryption options, as well as protecting your online privacy.

These providers, however, do not use advertising-based email scanners and do not hand over their user’s data to the U.S. government – or some other government, for that matter.

Most of these email services offer a variety of complementary and paid plans. For free plans, many of the features are limited, such as a limit on the number of email addresses and limited storage.

The paid plans are very cheap, though. It’ll only cost you a few dollars every month to get all the features, multiple email accounts, and decent storage.

Don’t forget that when you’re using free services like Gmail, Yahoo, or Outlook, you are the product.

That’s why I wrote a guide listing the top 5 secure email providers. Check out the list below to see which providers will keep your data safe and secure from government forces and hackers!

5 Most Secure Email Providers In the World



  • A physical security feature is implemented through a USB dongle
  • Data servers are located in Sweden
  • A diskless data server


  • A relatively expensive product
  • Its user interface and design are outdated.

CounterMail’s philosophy focuses on offering the most secure Internet-based email service in the market, with free customer service. That’s why it is listed as my first choice.

countermail secure email providers

In 1973, Sweden was among the first countries to enact laws that protected the privacy of personal data of individuals. Sweden will, like Germany, apply the new EU data privacy laws until 25 May 2018.

  • With diskless data servers, any email traffic landed or sent by ContraMail cannot be accessed by anyone. In addition, CounterMail is the only security firm 100% transparent in the way it protects its customers.
  • Security is the company’s top priority. It is also the only provider of the kind that implements a USB dongle feature.
  • This provides an added layer of protection by virtue of physical security.
  • With this feature enabled, you will only be able to decrypt your emails from the CounterMail server with a key. This means that only you will have access to your account.
  • The only downside of this feature is if you lose your dongle or forget to bring it with you – you will not be able to log in.
  • If you need more storage, you can simply purchase more space, and you will only have to pay once for extra storage.
  • A subscription to CounterMail is not cheap. The storage space you receive is limited, and if you choose the 12-month payment plan, you will be charged $59.

You can find more information about Countermail at their website.



  • The servers are based in Switzerland
  • A complete end-to-end encryption system
  • Zero Access Construction


  • An update to the plan would be very expensive.
  • Cloud storage space is limited

ProtonMail is widely recognized as one of the industry’s best email providers. Its servers are based in Switzerland, a country with very strict privacy laws, which means your data is protected by governments that don’t want to get their hands on it.

protonmail email providers

  • Using ProtonMail is easy. It’s as simple as using Gmail or Yahoo. Additionally, getting a ProtonMail account is free.
  • For about $5 through $8, you can get all the features you need.
  • It is just as secure as the competitors when it comes to email security. Their powerful end-to-end encryption feature ensures all your emails are kept safe until they are picked up by the recipient. Plus, it is available at your disposal and the recipients.
  • A zero access construction on ProtonMail servers ensures that only you and the recipient will be able to read the encrypted emails stored on the server – even ProtonMail cannot do so.
  • The recipient need not be ProtonMail users to send an unencrypted email, however. ProtonMail’s message encryption feature lets you leave a link in the email which the recipient can utilize by entering a password shared with them in private.

Last but not least, ProtonMail never registers IP addresses, which means your online privacy is absolutely guaranteed.

More information can be found at the ProtonMail website.



  • Is extremely easy to use.
  • An environment that is safe for users and non-users


  • This server is based in Canada.
  • It is not compatible with macOS

The Hushmail application provides email functionality on smartphones and computers. It is compatible with PCs, however, it is not compatible with Macs.

hushmail Email providers

  • Since 1993, Canada has had its own rigorous privacy laws, but they have not been updated since. Following this trend, Canadian laws do not relate to the modern technological environment.
  • For many years, the provider has continuously updated and improved its security features.
  • Hushed mail is based on simple, clear features, easy use, and privacy. These factors are demonstrated through a simple and elegant interface, excellent protection, and privacy features.
  • All emails are encrypted with OpenPGP encryption. A person who uses Hushmail can read emails on their phone or personal computer.
  • Users who are not using Hushmail will have the option to access a secure website through the link attached to the email. The recipient will initially be asked for a password, but will then have full access.

However, if you include a security question in your message, the recipient would have to answer it first.

The Hushmail app can be purchased for $49.98 a year. If you would like to try it, you can do a free trial.

Please visit the Hushmail site for more information.



  • The communications are secured from end-to-end using the latest encryption technology.
  • A very affordable pricing plan that works across all devices & browsers.


  • Although AES-128 is a secure method of encryption, it isn’t the safest method.
  • It is expensive to upgrade high-end storage.

Whether you are on iOS, Android, Windows, or the Amazon App, Tutanota has your back, as it is open source and is available for free.

tutanota email provider

  • Tutanota’s goal is to deliver an easy-to-use software solution with the highest privacy and security standards.
  • Tutanota’s servers are located in Germany, so German privacy laws apply.
  • The BBC website reports that Germany and Spain are widely regarded as the toughest countries in the EU when it comes to protecting your data privacy, so they protect you accordingly.
  • Further, on May 25, 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the European Union will go into effect, strengthening privacy rights for citizens and restricting international data sharing. As a legal requirement from international governments, the GDPR will put an end to the misuse of personal data outside the European Union.
  • All email data is securely stored on your server and visible only by you and the recipient. Because of your encryption key, your email data is only visible to you and the recipient, ensuring maximum security and privacy for your company.
  • This application is completely free. However, a free account is limited to a single email address and gives access to 1 GB of storage space.

You may find out more about Tutanota by going to its website.



  • A complete coding and valve solution
  • The best customer service ever!
  • Fully integrated with other providers of email
  • Not very expensive


  • Low storage space
  • No smartphone apps available

Since Runbox Solutions is Norwegian-based, your data is protected by the harsh Norwegian privacy regulations.

runbox email providers

The support department is available 24/7, offering comprehensive help guides and a problem-reporting system, as well as fully integrated live support.

An important benefit of Runbox is its full integration with other email providers, such as Microsoft Outlook, Opera Mail, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, etc. This means that the Runbox synchronization tool allows you to securely transfer all your email data from these providers to your new Runbox email account.

Runbox provides the same level of protection due to its powerful servers and security standard. You can store data safely within a secure vault, protected by Norwegian law protecting personal data. Runbox runs a powerful server with high-security standards.

You can choose between 4 different pricing plans, each offering something different, such as storage space and email addresses. None of them are free, but Runbox is still very cheap, especially if you work on a monthly rate basis.

Please visit Runbox for more information.

Let’s close

Your online privacy isn’t protected by Gmail, Outlook, or Yahoo when it comes to privacy. Your information is not completely secure or inaccessible to others. Government agencies can request the data it holds to get their hands on it.

If you want to make sure that your email data is secure and private, you should choose one of the email service providers above.

Most email service providers I’ve listed value your online privacy a lot more than Gmail or Yahoo and store your data more securely. In particular, end-to-end encryption will keep your data as private as possible from eavesdroppers or interested third parties.

Here are my final thoughts.

I have detailed a few email providers here that would do an excellent job of protecting your email activities from third parties, government forces, or hackers who may be accessing your mail. However, some are better than others.

Among other security issues, the CounterMail system is the most secure. Your server is hosted in the best country with regard to privacy standards (Sweden).

Contrary to other reputable email providers, CounterMail provides end-to-end encryption and encrypted emails stored on diskless servers on the CounterMail servers.

Although ProtonMail is somewhat more expensive and does not offer a dongle, it has a friendlier interface and a sleeker design, and a larger user base worldwide. ProtonMail’s encryption security is also top-notch.

Switching from Gmail, Outlook, or Yahoo to one of these email providers would without a doubt lead to a significant increase in privacy and security.

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