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I will review Thunderbird Alternatives in this post.

The Thunderbird electronic mail client was developed in 1971 by Ray Tomlinson.

Our daily communication with each other is fundamentally altered by email, whether it is for personal or commercial purposes.

Next, we will discuss Thunderbird and Thunderbird Alternatives. Thunderbird is used mostly for dealing. Tens of thousands of emails are sent and received every day by 25 million people.

The first version of Netscape Navigator, an email and web browser, was released in 1994. Netscape Communicator 1997 was an improved version. When Mozilla was being formed in 1998, it is most likely that the Mozilla App was introduced. A little while later, Firefox and Thunderbird, the email client and browser, were separated from the Mozilla App.

However, Thunderbird usage dwindled in 2012, whereas Firefox usage keeps going strong.

When you use One-click Contacts, adding contacts is as easy as clicking a button. Are you interested in connecting with me? If you receive a message with a star icon, you can add that person. Adding birthdays, pictures, and contact information take just two clicks. A new smart feature makes it easy to customize Thunderbird’s look.

The dark theme allows you to manage email in a very user-friendly manner. The dark theme is also available in light. In order to manage multiple email accounts, this folder combines unique folders such as your Inbox, Sent, and Archive. Upon receiving incoming emails, you can view them in one folder in your inbox. The most common feature of it is that it safeguards your email.

Remote image and privacy protection is a fantastic feature. The privacy of users is protected by Thunderbird’s automatic blocking of remote images. There will be no new features in Thunderbird in 2021, just as there have been in the past.

Anyone who uses Thunderbird should know how hardy it is. There are 25 million users.

Using Thunderbird

The software is compatible with all workstations, so it can also be used by Macs and Linux computers.
The program is extremely user-friendly since email addresses are linked to email holders.

If you provide your name, email address, and password, the rest will update on its own without your intervention.

In order to protect emails with high security features, spam filters, firewalls, and anti-virus programs are used. Users can send huge files with pCloud for Thunderbird.

It is still very flexible despite its popularity in design. It can archive a simple message. You can also use multiple tabs to navigate.

Maintaining & Arranging Thunderbird Properly

Unwanted emails distract us from our tasks. Archived or spammed emails waste considerable amounts of time every day for no reason.

Thunderbird’s feature of combining your mail folders is a time-saving means of organizing your mail.
In addition, messages can be managed by yourself. Organizing or decorating our own personal mail is quite common for us.

There are several functions that are automated, so the work will be handled automatically if we lack the time. Search and other features can be saved in a user-defined folder.

Comprehensive Features

As for spam messages, Thunderbird uses artificial intelligence mechanisms to identify spam emails.

  • Thunderbird also supports encryption, which is quite intriguing.
  • It is used to retrieve email, and is free to use. Sending and receiving large files is also possible up to 2GB and without charge. As a final point, it can be considered open-source to use.
  • The following are some quick disadvantages to Thunderbird that I need an alternative to
  • You may use this section as a reason to find Thunderbird alternatives.
  • Compared to other apps on the list, it is quite outdated, much more so than any other. As a result, its replacement is quite necessary.
  • There weren’t many updates from 2004 to 2012 when it ended.
  • Thunderbird is very backward because it does not have an advanced mobile app, because this is the age of technological progress, and Thunderbird seems to be lagging behind other methods of communication.
  • Despite focusing on security, there is little progress in the development of the country.

Best Thunderbird Alternatives: Our Top Pick


Mailmate is an influential email client for Mac and is one of the best email clients for Mac. With Mailmate, simple emails can be sent.

Clicking on the headers of an email is simple here. All the emails available from a particular address will be shown to you as soon as you click on it.

Despite its stylish appearance, it is comfortable to use. By clicking the subject line quickly, all emails from that particular subject will be displayed. The MailMate retails for about $49.99 on the MailMate’s official website.

You should go to their official website and see every offer before making your decision, as you will be using this service rather than presenting it.

eM Client

Windows and Mac users can use eM Client, a chargeable program that costs $49.95. In addition to Thunderbird’s most popular features, it has a very clean interface and limited clutter.

EM Client offers you search beyond Thunderbird and also allows you to search folders within eM Client. Tags, folders, and flags can all be customized.

Encrypting emails and filtering spam are two options. There is an easy-to-use interface.

When purchased directly from the website, it costs $49.95 or $119.95. Messages can be organized and managed using folders, tags, and flags. Search and folder search are more efficient than Thunderbird when managing your messages.

The Spark environment also includes a few features shared by Mailbird. Emails can be snoozed so they appear when you’re ready to view them.

If you are looking for a Thunderbird alternative that is even more powerful, then it is the best one, provided you are comfortable with the extra charges.

The Bat

Among the best Thunderbird alternatives, The Bat is the least used app. Are you unsure why it is superior?

But, we will introduce you to the best Thunderbird alternatives, not the most famous ones. Because Concord is set up for encryption, it enables privacy and security. You can access The Bat from any Windows PC. An excellent feature of The Bat is that it has a MailTicker that shows upcoming emails. People who follow their security norms are more likely to use The Bat. 

The Bat is available from its official site for a price of around 28.77 euros, whereas its professional pricing is quite high.

Canary Mail

Security is a good feature of Canary mail, but not as good as The Bat’s. The software is compatible with Macs as well as being good for Mac users who are security conscious.

Alternatives are more complicated. There are many features it contains. Also open-source and free, Thunderbird is the best alternative to Canary Mail.

Microsoft Outlook

It is not necessary to elaborate more as we are all well aware of it. iOS, macOS, Android – it works for everything. It is especially useful when using Microsoft’s various applications.

Another popular Thunderbird alternative is Outlook. Here’s a quick comparison, is it better or worse than Thunderbird?

Generally, Thunderbird has similar features to most other popular browsers. You will automatically be able to install Outlook if you have Office installed.

Unlike Thunderbird, Microsoft Outlook has a mobile app while Thunderbird lacks a mobile device option.
In contrast to Thunderbird, Microsoft Outlook looks and feels like Microsoft Office applications such as Word and Excel. Users can enable many features by simply pressing a button.

Its newest search and email algorithms work the same way as Thunderbird’s do.

Simply tailoring capable apps will enable you to have an ecosystem of endorsements. The program doesn’t protect you from junk mail and remote images, although it filters them.

It is used by Windows users who are subscribed to Office 365 Microsoft.

Airmail – Lightning Fast Mail Client

  • A great Mac email client is Airmail. This is an all around good product, even though Airmail Pro and Airmail for business purposes require a subscription.
  • A free version of Airmail is available for Macs and iOS, but Airmail Pro costs $9.99/year or $2.99/month.
  • On the other hand, if we talk about business, the price is $49.99 when purchased all at once.
  • You can access the majority of Spark’s features such as swipe actions, unique inbox, snooze, and save.

Furthermore, Thunderbird offers the modern features of rules, email filtering, and large search criteria.

We’re organizing folders, tags, and flags so they can be used in the future. To Do, Memo, and Done messages can be marked so that Airmail can be used as a task manager.

Third-party apps are supported here with advanced assistance. However, messaging is very simple here.


Apple, Android, and Windows users can download Spark for free. Most of its well-known and common features are used by business accounts.
It is possible to put down search results using advanced search. Essentially Mailbird.
Multiple attachments can be added to one of the smartest email apps and it comes with a variety of great features.

The app is completely free for Mac. It features tags, flags, and folders, but rules are missing.

Although there are developed or modernized criteria, the results can be easily viewed. So it is a great alternative to Thunderbird for all these reasons.


Among the most popular email clients, Mailbird runs on Windows. The program supports both IMAP and POP3 protocols. Users who use Google Workspace, Outlook, and Mailbird will especially benefit from it.

With Mailbird, people can separate their personal emails from their business emails, for instance.

Whatsapp and Slack are Mailbird’s most prominent features at the moment, allowing users to send and receive media files, documents and more. Creating folders makes searching easy.

There is currently only a Windows version of Mailbird, but one for Mac is soon going to be released. It is available from the official website for $79, or for $39 with a subscription that includes updates.

By using snooze and sending afterward, you can save your time to help you work through your inbox instantly.

Mailbird also includes a variety of third-party services that Thunderbird lacks.


The next alternative on our list is PostBox, which is the best Thunderbird alternative. This program can be accessed by PCs and Macs alike.

A user can choose favorites to access specific folders more quickly, as well as several advanced features.

Including files and images, the fast and powerful search is available to you. As with others, encryption is available as well.

Aimed specifically at those who like to stay up-to-date, this website is dedicated to them. There are different interfaces available. If you purchase it from its official website, you will have to pay $59 but you can subscribe for around $29.00 per year.

Including files and images, here you can perform a fast search. Through the Quick Bar, you can get quick access to your emails with a single click.


We have included Unibox as one of the Top 10 alternatives among all the apps on our list. It lends pleasure to using mail because the focus is on the one who is using it instead of the email.

Rather than displaying the people from whom you’ve received your emails, this app helps you find a specific mail among hundreds of thousands of emails.

Using this software gives the impression that you are chatting.

FAQs On Thunderbird Alternative Email

Thunderbird is so slow, why?

As a result, Thunderbird is slower when MSF files, which store emails’ indexes, get corrupted. You can test this by opening Thunderbird in Safe Mode in Windows 10 to see if the problem is with third-party applications.

Can Thunderbird email be used on Windows 10?

Microsoft Windows 10 and Mozilla Thunderbird work together.

How does Thunderbird handle e-mail?

Please be cautious of promises of paid support, and please report any scams you think may be scams. Thunderbird doesn’t offer email, fax, chat, phone, remote, or paid support, so please take steps to protect yourself.


As a result of the detailed description, Mozilla Thunderbird is currently among the oldest email clients still available today.

Besides offering plenty of useful features, it is also healthy in its addition approach. In any case, it is quite outdated since it is no longer used in today’s world. For this reason, most people do not use it anymore.

You were shown alternative Thunderbird browsers in this article and given a conclusion at the end. I hope this was helpful for you. First, Mailbird is a nice alternative to Spark for Windows, so we know that it is very simple to use as well.

Both of these apps allow you to focus on the important work of cleaning your inbox while keeping distractions to a minimum. For both Mac and Windows, the eM Client and Airmail are equally powerful and easy to use. Despite offering fewer features than Thunderbird, they both offer a powerful interface.

Outlook, an email client with a similar Microsoft interface and similar features to Thunderbird, should be considered by anyone using Microsoft Office. Many power users like PostBox for Windows and Mac, MailMate for Mac, and almost even The Bat for Windows to enjoy extra features and configuration options.

We haven’t had direct experience with email in 47 years. Inboxes are the most important tool for business according to 98.4% of users who check them daily.

Every day, it receives around 269 billion emails from businesses and customers. Apple Mail is available on every Mac. This is the best news of all. There are multiple accounts within the application, all of which are easy to use, and it’s email integrations make finding it incredibly easy. My experiences have been shared with you during the writing of these reviews. As I learn more about Mozilla Thunderbird and the alternatives, it’s been a pleasure.

In search of something better, I started using Airmail again after quite some time. Now I understand that Airmail is still one of the easiest and best ways to do all that we need to do. With Spark, you can navigate through your email with a minimal interface. Finally, there’s MailMate, an email client with more power than any other for Mac OS- though the company charges for its services. If privacy and security are your priority or if you’re interested in the Microsoft ecosystem, there are other options that you might be interested in.

My only advice to each is to follow their own path. There is no perfect path in this world, so pick wisely. Now you know what Thunderbird alternatives to choose, you can make your decision.

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