TOP Funny Mother’s Day Quotes 2023 for Mom – Wish her With Funny Quotes

We all have crazy mothers who will do things which we least expect and make fun of everything on her way. There are times when we are embarrassed in front of our friends when she reveals something about us, but no matter what we still love her with all our heart. When we grow up and look back, we will laugh at those memories thinking how she so funny and made sense. On this special occasion of Mother’s day, it’s our time to relive those memories which we have shared with our mother throughout our life and give a funny touch to it. Now buckle up and start thinking of ways where you can make a difference and create a memory which is filled with love and affection.

 Wishing your mother in the funniest way will give you self-satisfaction and fill your heart with so much joy which can’t be measured by anything in this world. Mother’s love when their children are doing good in life and have a positive approach in life which gives them happiness. So now it’s your time greet your beautiful mother with any of the below quotes and make her smile through this Mother’s day.

TOP Funny Mother’s Day Quotes 2022 for Mom

  • Dearest Mom, you have done a great job by making a cute baby like me. Happy Mother’s day.
  • Thank you, mom, for not leaving me in a basket somewhere in a desert. Happy Mother’s day.
  • Sending you a bottle of wine, as I know I am the reason for all your worries. Happy Mother’s day.
  • Dear mom, I couldn’t afford a gift, so I made you some stretch marks on my arrival. Happy Mother’s day.
  • I hope you are very proud of me today as I remembered to send you mother’s day card at least. Happy Mother’s day.
  • Nothing is lost in this world until your mom couldn’t find it. Happy Mother’s day.
  • Honest confessions, no matter how old I am if I lose you someplace I will panic. Happy Mother’s day.
  • I know you had a great deal of trouble with me in life, but I think you are enjoying it. Happy Mother’s day.
  • Mom when I first found out that your name is not a mom, I felt betrayed. Happy Mother’s day.
  • A worried mother does a better research than FBI. Love you, mom. Happy Mother’s day.

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