Best Totally Free People Search Engines (Sites) 2023

We have all considered becoming FBI agents and performing background checks on criminals at least once in our lives. Using some totally free people search websites is a good way to learn more about normal people if you’re not familiar with criminal background checks.

Our long-lost friends and coworkers can be found online for free by using people search engines and sites, but we know that these services are expensive.

There are some precautions and things to watch out for when looking for totally free people sites.

When searching the Internet for people, keep these tips in mind

Keep in mind that you can only get public information from a person if they make it public.

If we don’t know anything about the person we are searching for, we aren’t going to be able to find them using the millions of people search sites that are free.

All the information you need can be found using one of the many free people search sites available online.

For those who want to save both time and money, there are many top free people search sites available, as well as many top paid people search sites for those looking to save both. The purpose of paid search sites is to assist users in making informed decisions.

You should avoid spoofing sites.

Many websites allow you to search for information, but they may charge for the results. You may also be directed to another site by them. They earn money this way.

Find out about web search engines such as Google, which can provide information that can help you locate the person or information you are looking for quickly.

It is important to remember that when using a search engine, some information may not be available to you due to the request of another individual.

Totally Free People Search Sites 2023

Utilizing some free people search engines and sites that prevent us from spending so much money can fulfill your investigating dreams at a discounted price or even for free.

The search for people without credit or debit cards can be done on some online services for free.

White takes the top spot in our list of the best free people search sites. You can find White Pages on the Internet if you’re searching for totally free people search sites. Probably you will find the information you need.

Users can perform various tasks, such as identity verification, background checks, and fraud screening, based on the extensive data in the White Pages database. Thousands of contact information is available in the database.

You can perform a free contact search on the site, as well as search for individuals or businesses by location, first name, or last name.

Furthermore, it provides a free search engine where we can enter any information such as a full name, city name, or state name to find and get the best results.


Pipl allows its users to verify their identities in order to access information on a person. Global identity data allows users to receive faster results.

Various different pieces of information relating to the person searching are collected by the search engine, including their personal information, professional credentials, and social identity, to provide a more personalized search experience.

User should keep in mind that free services may not always be available, but they can sign up for free ones if required.

The search results show you the person’s profile, phone number, and any useful information they may have left behind, such as their address or profession.


Many search engines cater to businesses. Two of these sites are Pipl and Linkedin. One of these is LinkedIn.

This website is the largest and most well-known search engine website because of its database that contains unlimited information about business and countless users.

Its worldwide reach allows you to get a lot of information about any business, including its basic information, associates, employees, and their role within the company.

If you search for business-related information, Linkedin will always be at the top of the list.

Unless you are logged in, you may not be able to access certain information. If you are registered, a notification will be sent to that person when it is opened.


Social networking sites such as Twitter have become very popular. Since it has a large network of people, it is one of the best sites for people looking for things.

It’s easier to find your favorite stars there than on Instagram, so you can find more stars there. You can find almost all of your favorite celebrities on this site.

Current affairs can also be followed on Twitter.

True People Search

If you are looking for a people search site and a free search engine, True People Search is for you. Their customers are not irritated by having to fill out forms or register immediately.

As the use of cell phones declines, searchers can also check cell phone numbers in addition to mobile phone numbers.

Users can run a background check on someone and get their address, current location, and cell phone number for free with this app.

The research checklist includes information regarding the individual’s address, whether it’s current or previous, a phone number, as well as names that might help you identify the individual, such as maiden names, relatives’ names, or friends’ names.

Consequently, True People Search is one of the best free people searching services available online. After several searches, the only drawback is the time required for ‘human testing.’


What the site offers is evident from its name. You can check out Thatsthem for free if you’re conducting a background check. Registration and subscription are not required. You can search it for free.

With Thatsthem’s services, you can look up phone numbers, people, IP addresses, and email addresses of a long-lost family member, friend, or relative. The search results contain their name, phone number, as well as private and public information including income and expenditures.

When They Can’t Find The Person They Are Looking For, Thatsthem’s users can benefit from the help that Thatsthem provides. To locate the person, users can call the number provided.

The only drawback to this service is that if they don’t have answers in their database, they send users to paid services.

Family Tree Now

We offer our customers free services through Family Tree Now. The site connects users with their roots as its name implies.

Such details as birth and death certificates, census records, and other information can be found in search results. In addition, the information collected and connected to the family tree can also be used to create a family tree.

Besides gathering data from publicly available sources, Family Tree Now provides access to people’s names and contact information, along with a list of relatives, contacts, and associates.

You should use more than one site to ensure you have all the details about that person if you have all their information.


Whether you are searching for a person, knitting patterns, or cooking methods, Pinterest is one of the best applications. The platform has over 335 million users worldwide.

Users can create accounts or log in to their accounts. A user can see all the names of the person and their profile photo by typing the name into the search bar and pressing enter. A user can open the person’s profile by clicking on the photo.


With Tineye, you can keep an eye on any search site or engine you are looking for. It has a unique feature, allowing you to insert a picture of a person you are searching for in order to perform a reverse image search.

This can be done by copying-pasting the image or uploading it to the site, then entering it to begin the search. As Tineye searches through its database, if it finds a match, the location will be displayed.

Despite its shortcomings, this method is better than not starting at all.


Since we use Google for almost everything in our daily lives, including finding basic information, we should start our witch hunt with a Google search. Search engines such as Google have the capabilities to answer any question.

Google or Google Plus are the easiest ways to find any type of information that later can be used to narrow down some points to use in other search engines.

Users can easily narrow down their options by using reverse image search on Google.

Find People Search

Our list of the five best free people search sites includes Find People Search. We provide basic services, but you are guaranteed to find what you are looking for on this site. At this time, users can modify the software to suit their needs.

When starting a Find People Search, customers can narrow down their options as Find People Search provides some reserve narrow search options. One can begin searching by typing in a user’s age, birth date, phone number, address, maiden name, and other details into the search box.

You don’t have to fill out any forms on this search engine, like many others. Those who are unsatisfied with the results have the option of paying.

With the map view of different addresses and locations provided by Fast People Search, users can easily locate the person they are looking for.

Users can find a lot of information about their users using a free people search engine.

The results of Fats People Search also contain some personal information, such as a birth date, a previous and current mobile number, a current address, a marriage status, and an email address.


Since it is one of the best people search engines and was founded in 2005, we couldn’t leave it off our list of free people search sites.

ZabaSearch contains all public information, so you can almost free search for individuals, their contact information, and addresses.

With ZabaSearch’s infrastructure, a user can begin a search by entering a person’s name and phone number.

In contrast to Thatsthem and TruePeopleSearch, ZabaSearch does not require customers to register or subscribe in order to conduct a background check. In addition to displaying your private information, ZabaSearch displays your phone number, address, name, and age.

It is common to misunderstand Intelius and SabaSearch.

If you are looking for free people search services, ZabaSearch will direct you to Intelius, but if you would prefer a more privileged service, ZabaSearch will direct you to Intelius.


Peek You is your lifesaver if you’re looking for someone in the big world. It may be possible to reconnect with family members, friends, colleagues, and any long-lost friends by getting enough information about that individual.

Peek You is one of the search engines that combines online information from a variety of sources to provide a totally free people search. You can use it without any hassle.

Peek You can find whoever you are looking for whenever you need it. In addition to social media outlets, news sources, homepages, and blogs, the tool gathers information from a broad range of sources.

It is quite common in today’s society for people to use a user name to conduct a search, as well as their first and last name, contact number, and state.


It’s surprising, yet we all know how important Facebook can be for connecting with someone we’ve lost touch with. There are millions of users increasing daily on this free people search resource.

Facebook allows us to pull a background check by searching the name, ID’s name, city, school, work, and many other options. Since no other search engine can provide such detailed information as easily as Facebook, Facebook is the best place to find personal information.

We can only say that Facebook as a search engine has one downfall, which is that, sometimes, we can’t access certain information because the person has kept his or her profile private and not publicly accessible.
We can only see information about a profitable if we send them a friend request, which they must accept.


There are free people search engines that provide information about phone numbers, families, and even about their friends and associates. An example is People Finders.

If the search does not meet your requirements, you can easily access more information for a small fee.

Paid searches provide you with information such as a person’s full name, alliances, current and past addresses, age, landline numbers, bankruptcies, and property records. You can find out about the company’s users’ marital status, divorce details, criminal records, etc.

You can conduct a search by entering a name, contact number, address, and age.


It is very easy to find people, since almost everyone has an account on such sites. According to Instagram, there are over 1 billion monthly active users, so you are likely to find someone if you search among 1 billion people.

Logging into the site after creating an account allows users to type a person’s name into the search bar. Logging in and searching for the person is possible if they already have an account.

Your screen will display different profile names containing the searched name. Based on the person’s characteristics, you can select them.


In this article, we discussed the tools needed to locate people. Finding people has never been so easy or fun. You can find other people that you know or don’t know on these free people search websites.

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