How To Watch Deleted YouTube Videos 2023

I know how much it feels to lose something out of the technological devices that we carry today in-hand.

There are several working ways to recover deleted YouTube videos from your channel or the favorite playlist that you saved on your Smartphone for a later visit.

Also, there were/are several channels/videos that are quite popular in recent times got strike by the YouTube team due to not following proper guidelines or some other technical reasons.

Also, there are some channels had made their public videos private sadly.

The methods that we are going to share are tested and working. Also, I will walk you through a video on how to recover deleted/lost YouTube videos.

I hope this post helps you from retrieving your deleted YouTube video to become a success. Let’s get started!

recover deleted youtube videos from channel

How To Recover/Reinstate Deleted/Lost YouTube Videos 2023?

Method 1: YouTube Help Support Team

How To Watch Deleted YouTube Videos

If you are a YouTube account, and you are partnered with YouTube. I mean, you should be registered as a YouTube Content Creator.

Because being partnered with YouTube gives you direct access to EMAIL YouTube.

This process listed below could be a bit technical, but, for sure, this works 100% than the other methods.

  1. First off, log in to your YouTube Channel using your registered Gmail account.
  2. After successful login, scroll down and click on the HELP button.
  3. Here you will get a dialogue box showing you several options to contact YouTube. Click on Need More Help.
  4. Click on Get Creator Support (Remember, this method only works for YouTube Content Creators, not the regular USERS).
  5. Next, continue going down to the bottom where it says channel and video features, and from here, you have all the options to EMAIL the YouTube Support Team.
  6. Fill out all the information with your First Name, Last Name, and Email Address and, of course, the YouTube Channel/Video Link.

Share proper reason (Like, I accidentally deleted YouTube Videos, please help me restore them) of your request so that your chance of recovering deleted video will be HIGH.

Sometimes, the team might ask you for any document verification (In most cases, they won’t ask but be prepared for any confirmation).

Once all the required fields are fill up, make sure everything is clearly mentioned, and press on the Submit button.

Wait for the team to respond (Most within 24 hours, you may get a reply from the team).

GIVE A TRY! Let me know in the comments if you got success with this method.

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