​Whatsapp: How To Hide Your Online Status​​ While Chatting 2023?

More than 1 billion people use WhatsApp every day, which makes it one of the world’s most popular messaging apps. The app offers free messaging, photos, videos, voice notes, etc., along with calling. Also, the app lets you share your location with friends so they know where you are all the time. It also has a lot of other features.

We will show you how to hide your online status on WhatsApp if you don’t want your status visible to others. You may want to protect your privacy, or you may want to keep your status private for some other reason.

You can hide your WhatsApp online status by following these steps:

how to hide your online status on whatsapp

Step 1 – Open WhatsApp

If you want to change your online status from “Online” to “Offline,” open WhatsApp by tapping on its icon on your home screen.

Step 2 – Change Status

You can now choose whether to hide your online status by clicking on the menu button (three dots) in the top right corner of the chat window. If you wish to hide your status, select Save. Otherwise, leave the option unchecked.
If you still need more information about how to hide your online WhatsApp status, check out the video reference below.

FAQs – How To Hide Online On WhatsApp

Q1. How to remove my online status on WhatsApp?

A1. Scroll down and tap on Delete Offline Messages. This will delete all offline messages stored on your device.

Q2. Is it possible to hide my online status on WhatsApp without deleting my chat history?

A2. Yes, it is possible. Follow the steps mentioned above but instead of choosing Delete Offline Messages, select Clear All History.

Q3. Can I use WhatsApp while hiding my online status?

A3. No, you cannot use WhatsApp when your online status is hidden. However, you can always access your profile settings through the menu button.

Q4. What if I accidentally save my online status on WhatsApp after changing it to ‘offline’?

A4. Once you have saved your online status, you won’t be able to change it back to ‘online’. You will only be able to restore it using the steps mentioned above.

Q5. Will my friends know that I am offline on WhatsApp?

A5. Not necessarily. Some people might notice that you are offline but they won’t be sure why. So, you can simply tell them that you were busy and couldn’t respond to their messages.

Q6. Why does my online status disappear sometimes?

A6. Sometimes, your phone might get disconnected from the internet network. When this happens, WhatsApp automatically saves your online status.

Q7. Does hiding my online status on WhatsApp affect my call quality?

A7. No, it doesn’t.

Q8. Are there any risks involved in hiding my online status on Facebook Messenger?

A8. No, there aren’t.


Using WhatsApp to hide your online status isn’t difficult, but you should understand what you are getting into before you proceed. Also, remember that you will not be able to change your status back to ‘online’ once you have changed it to ‘offline’. So, be careful before you make a decision.

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